2020 KUBOTA K008-3 Excavator For Sale & 945 Hours



KUBOTA K008-3 Excavator For Sale Price: $10000!

KUBOTA K008-3 Excavator is compact and efficient, with an excellent price. This excavator offers superior performance in a variety of digging and digging applications. The Kubota K008-3 excavator features a powerful, reliable diesel engine and a tight turning radius that allows you to work in tight spaces while still getting great performance. The 945 hours of outstanding performance since its manufacture make it perfect for any job.

The price of this Kubota K008-3 Excavator makes it an affordable solution for any construction or excavation project. The price of approximately $10,000 is a great value given the high quality and reliable performance of the Kubota K008-3 excavator. It also comes with 4x Buckets, making it an ideal option for those who want great performance without the cost of extra parts.

The Kubota K008-3 Excavator is a well-designed machine that makes any project efficient, easy, and cost-effective. With its tight turning radius, you can get great performance even in the tightest of spaces. Its 945 hours of proven performance makes it ideal for any task that requires efficient and reliable performance. Its four durable and reliable buckets are perfect for tackling any demanding project.

The Kubota K008-3 Excavator features an open ROPS type meaning increased operator’s protection from potential hazard. It also comes with a breaker, allowing it to take on the most demanding excavations with ease.

The Kubota K008-3 Excavator has been designed to offer superior performance, reliability, and affordability, making it the perfect choice for any task. Whether you’re looking for top-notch performance or cost effectiveness and excellent value, this excavator is the go-to choice. It offers a great price of approximately $10,000 and its four buckets, tight turning radius and breaker make it the ideal choice for any job at hand. Finance can be arranged to make this purchase even more attractive.

When it comes to reliable and powerful excavators, there’s no better choice the Kubota K008-3 Excavator. With its superior performance, four buckets, tight turning radius and affordable price, this excavator is a great choice for any job you may have. Get ready to experience the power and efficiency of this fantastic excavator.

KUBOTA K008-3 Excavator For Sale: $10000!

    KUBOTA K008-3 Excavator Specifications:












    2020 Kubota K008 – 3, 945 Hours , Incl 4x Buckets – Incl Breaker
    Finance can be arranged

    Number of Buckets


    ROPS Type


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