2019 KOMATSU PC50MR-3 Excavator Sale 1,600 Hours


KOMATSU PC50MR-3 Excavator For Sale Price: $21760!

The KOMATSU PC50MR-3 Excavator is an excellent choice for those who need an excavator with superior power, durability, and versatility. Designed to handle all types of earth-moving and demolition needs, the PC50MR-3 offers users unparalleled stability, excellent fuel economy, and a wide range of features.

The PC50MR-3 has plenty of power, providing a maximum digging force of 4725lbs that can easily move 8m³ of dirt per hour. It also features exceptional fuel protection, ensuring the engine always utilizes the most efficient amount of fuel, and long oil life, further reducing the need for regular maintenance and overall service costs.

The PC50MR-3 offers users a wide range of features to make their work easier, safer, and more efficient. With its telescopic boom, adjustable arm and dipper sticks, users can easily adjust their reach and depth as needed. The auto-idle system reduces engine speed when not in use, helping to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce noise at the same time. To help you travel on tough terrain, the PC50MR-3 is equipped with a standard travel clutch, providing smoother operation.

In addition to its powerful performance, the PC50MR-3 also offers exceptional comfort, thanks to its spacious operator station and adjustable suspension seat. The ergonomic design of the control levers allows you to work comfortably and efficiently, while its large instrument panel provides easy access to key gauges and diagnostics. The PC50MR-3 also features an integrated monitoring system, so users can track the performance of their machine in real-time.

When it comes to versatility and value, the KOMATSU PC50MR-3 Excavator is one of the best choices on the market. Featuring superior performance, excellent fuel efficiency, a wide range of features, and unparalleled comfort, the PC50MR-3 is the ultimate machine for any job. With its long service life, high reliability and low maintenance costs, the PC50MR-3 can easily handle the toughest projects for years to come.

KOMATSU PC50MR-3 Excavator For Sale: $21760!

    KOMATSU PC50MR-3 Excavator Specifications:









    Serial Number





    Used mini excavator
    Brand: KOMATSU
    Model Number: PC50
    Year: 2019
    Working hours: 1600 hrs
    Made in JAPAN Original
    Location: Shanghai China
    Weight: 5000KGS
    Ready in stock to ship at any time

    Operating Weight

    11,023.11 lb

    ROPS Type




    A/C Condition


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