2020 NEW HOLLAND E26C Excavator Sale 746 Hours


NEW HOLLAND E26C Excavator For Sale Price: $16690!

Looking for a powerful and reliable excavator for your construction jobs? Look no further than the New Holland E26C excavator! This small but mighty machine is designed to be easy to use and maneuver, yet powerful enough to complete whatever task you have in store.

The New Holland E26C excavator, released in 2020, is an ideal machine for any construction site. Its advanced technological features will help you complete your job quickly and easily. This excavator can travel up to 6.7 miles per hour and features adjustable joystick controls, allowing you to control the digging depth at the touch of a button. The E26C is also equipped with Auxiliary Hydraulics, meaning you can attach a variety of attachments to help you with different tasks. For example, you can attach an auger, breaker or shear to help you break through difficult soils. You can also attach a variety of bucket sizes, ranging from 9” to 18”, to meet your needs.

The New Holland E26C is a durable and reliable excavator that you can rely on for tough jobs. It is constructed with high-strength steel, making it extremely durable and able to efficiently handle whatever task you throw at it. This excavator is designed to be fuel efficient and has a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, giving you peace of mind knowing your excavator will last for years to come.

The New Holland E26C is also designed for operator comfort, with a climate controlled cab, adjustable seat and ergonomically designed controls. This excavator also contains a host of safety features, such as a rollover protective structure, seatbelts, and failure-free lights, meaning you can rest assured the operator is safe and secure while using this machine.

The New Holland E26C excavator is perfect for any and all construction-related jobs. Its high performance, fuel efficiency, durability and safety features make it the perfect choice for your next project. Don’t wait; take control of your next job and get the New Holland E26C excavator today.

NEW HOLLAND E26C Excavator For Sale: $16690!

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    OROPS, Aux Hydraulics, 18" Bucket, Blade. Nice low hour excavator!!

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