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SANY SY26U Excavator For Sale Price: $15200!

The SANY SY26U mini excavator features a 19.6 horse-power engine generating enough power to tackle a variety of jobs with ease. Operators can use independent boom swing and zero tail swing radius to work in confined spaces without worrying about knocking things down. The intelligent control system is designed to match pump output to the engine power, maximizing efficiency and saving fuel. The wraparound counterweight, combined with the cab guard, keeps operators safe from any debris, and a full-suspension seat helps you stay comfortable during the toughest excavating jobs. Rubber tracks provide better handling and better traction, allowing for easier operation on different terrain.

No matter the project you’re tackling, the SANY SY26U short-tail-swing mini excavator is more than up to the job. With an impressive dig depth of 9’ 3” and operating weight of 6,085 lbs., this machine can pull its own weight — and then some. From road construction to small-scale mining, the machine is reliable, productive, and long-lasting. Plus, mid-mounted dozer blade and extension boom add range of motion, allowing you to be even more precise and approach those tough spots with ease.

Whether you’re a new contractor looking to grow your business or a seasoned pro taking on another big project, the SANY SY26U mini excavator is ready to make your workload a breeze. Thanks to its cutting-edge features, it’s an innovative solution that’ll help you accelerate your turnaround time and bolster your bottom line. And with its brand new condition and yearly 2023 model, you get to enjoy the latest in excavation equipment for years to come. Take full control of your job site and get more done — faster. Get the SANY SY26U mini excavator now at an incredible price of 15200.

SANY SY26U Excavator For Sale: $15200!

    SANY SY26U Excavator Specifications:












    6,085 LB

    2,760 kg

    19.6 HP

    14.6 kW

    9′ 3″

    2,820 mm

    Tough and capable, the SANY SY26U short-tail-swing mini excavator is made to bring big performance to narrow and confined spaces. Featuring a fully enclosed cab, operators can enjoy a comfortable cockpit while taking on earth-moving and road-building projects in any conditions. Its lightweight design and compact form make it versatile in the field, and easy access to important maintenance points helps reduce maintenance time so you can crush deadlines.

    Zero tail swing radius and independent boom swing allow operation in extremely confined spaces
    The independently developed intelligent control system matches pump output to available engine power for greater hydraulic system efficiency and lower fuel consumption

    ROPS Type


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