2023 KUBOTA U35-4 Excavator For Sale



KUBOTA U35-4 Excavator For Sale Price: $16500!

Introducing the KUBOTA U35-4 Excavator: an incredibly powerful machinery shipped fresh from its factory.

Weighing in at 7,578 pounds, this compact, multifunctional excavator has all the power you need and more. Its powerful four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine produces 35.5 horsepower for optimal performance, providing the ability to work hard in the most challenging conditions.

The exclusive KUBOTA slant boom design works alongside the needle swing arm and internal swing bearing to empowers you with stability and confidence, with total control over the highest lifting capacity of 4,200 pounds. Its independent arm-cylinder also provides smooth three-dimensional operability and excellent digging power, all while utilizing a minimum amount of fuel. You get maximum versatility with the highest digging force and a 360-degree swing.

For comfort and convenience, the spacious cab provides heat, air conditioning and superior visibility with nearly 360 degree elevated visibility. It features Joystick controls, standard instrument panel with LED indicators, two cup holders, an AM/FM radio with an MP3 player, and an ergonomically designed suspension seat for maximum comfort and fatigue-free operations.

The KUBOTA U35-4 Excavator is engineered to deliver improved visibility, controllability and practically every other feature designed to take the guesswork out of every excavation job. And yet, there’s more. Included in the price, you’ll get a quick-attachment and thumb system for added versatility and convenience, reinforced counterweight and dozer blade for clearance and stability, heavy-duty undercarriage for ruggedness, and an optional crash-resistant safety grill for additional peace of mind.

With additional features like that you’re sure to get more out of your money. The KUBOTA U35-4 Excavator, in stock and ready to go at a mere $16,500, is the ideal investment, poised to take your efficiency, uptime and income to unprecedented heights.

KUBOTA U35-4 Excavator For Sale: $16500!

    KUBOTA U35-4 Excavator Specifications:









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    2023 KUBOTA U35-4R3A Excavator – cab with AC, and angle blade.


    Quick Attach




    ROPS Type


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