2023 DEERE 50G Excavator Sale 1 Hours


DEERE 50G Excavator For Sale Price: $11030!

The DEERE 50G is a top-of-the-line excavator built for both commercial and residential work. This new 2023 model boasts power, stability and comfort, enabling you to get more done in less time. Made from durable materials, it is designed to last for many years and handle bigger and more challenging jobs.

The DEERE 50G has a robust diesel engine that is both fuel-efficient and reliable. It has an enclosed operator cab that offers a comfortable work environment with air conditioning and heat. The cab also offers full visibility of the job site, allowing you to clearly see what is happening around you. The long arm provides you with superior reach, allowing you to quickly and easily complete the work. The angle front hydraulic blade helps you to complete more tasks such as backfill, dozing and cutting. The two accompanying buckets make the job easier by allowing you to quickly dig, fill and carry materials.

The DEERE 50G is a complete package that will help you get your job done quickly and efficiently. With its robust diesel engine, comfortable cab and powerful long arm, no job is too big or too small. With the included 24” and 36” buckets, you can quickly excavate, backfill and move materials. It has a rubber track system that is durable and reliable, allowing you to move with confidence and agility.

The DEERE 50G is the most powerful and reliable excavator in its class. Its impressive set of features is sure to keep you productive and your business running smoothly. Whether you are excavating, site preparation or grading, the DEERE 50G is the perfect solution for your job. If you are looking for cutting edge technology, superior performance and outstanding value for money, the DEERE 50G is the machine for you. Call or text Mike to find out more. Thanks for your interest in the DEERE 50G Excavator.

DEERE 50G Excavator For Sale: $11030!

    DEERE 50G Excavator Specifications:












    New 2023 John Deere 50G Cab Excavator. Long arm machine. Has angle front Hydraulic blade. Comes with 2 buckets.
    Cab unit with ac and heat
    Long Arm
    Angle Hydraulic Push Blade
    Diesel Engine
    Comes with a 24 and 36 inch Bucket
    Call or text Mike at

    Bucket Width

    2,436 in



    Backfill Blade


    Track Type


    ROPS Type




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