2023 JCB 50Z-1 Excavator For Sale & 6.2 Hours



JCB 50Z-1 Excavator For Sale Price: $10600!

Do you need a reliable, powerful and easy to operate excavator for your next project? JCB 50Z-1 Excavator is the right machine for you. This excavator is manufactured by JCB, a leading construction equipment manufacturer. It is one of the most advanced excavators in the market, with the latest technology and features. It has 6.2 working hours and comes with a serial number of 3078084. Its condition is brand new, with accurate/verified hours meter. Its ROPS type is open.

Power and Performance
The power and performance of JCB 50Z-1 Excavator is simply amazing. It comes with a maximum output of 33.5 horsepower, 22000 lbs. of breakout force, 6.6 in. dipperstick digging depth, and digging force of 17150 lbs. Its hydraulic system is fast and precise, so operation is smooth and effective. The swing speed is a phenomenal 9.6 rpm and it offers excellent digging performance. Its travel speed is a maximum of 5.9 km/h.

Design Secrets
The 50Z-1 excavator has been created with the latest technology and unique designs. Its arm and boom cylinders are oversized and stronger than ever. The boom also allows for greater reach, up to a maximum distance of 15.9 meters. The easy-to-use controls, coupled with powerful hydraulics and excellent fuel efficiency, makes the 50Z-1 the perfect machine for any job. The engine and cab are both quiet and spacious, providing a comfortable and safe operating environment.

Safety is a high priority on the 50Z-1 excavator. It has a cab guard, LCD monitor to check the machine’s performance, 7-point engine protection, and an anti-theft device. The excavator is equipped with an auto-shutoff feature, which automatically turns off the engine after a preset number of working hours. The 50Z-1 has a non-slip and shock absorbing platforms, as well as seat belts for the operator’s safety and safety guards for control parts.

For a unit of the outstanding 50Z-1 excavator model, JCB offers the best price of 10600 dollars. The price includes warranty and delivery limited warranty that covers repair costs in the first three years.

The JCB 50Z-1 Excavator is the perfect choice for your next project. It is reliable, powerful and easy to operate, with the latest technology and design. It offers great performance, fuel efficiency, and safety features. Best of all, it is available for an unbeatable price of 10600 dollars. Make sure to check out JCB’s unbeatable prices and offers on the 50Z-1 Excavator today.

JCB 50Z-1 Excavator For Sale: $10600!

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