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DEERE 35G Excavator For Sale Price: $14100!

Introducing the industry’s best mid-sized excavator to date, the John Deere 35G. The 35G is a outstanding construction machine with its powerful Yanmar diesel engine and its new technology dual-path hydrostatic drive. It is perfect for heavy excavating due to its standard arm options, offering zero tail swing and a maximum digging depth of 10 feet, as well as its rubber tracks that increase stability and power. The John Deere 35G also boasts a comfortable cab with ample climate control, giving you a consistent and comfortable ride, no matter the terrain.

The engine in the John Deere 35G is a powerful 23.3 HP Yanmar, which can provide consistent, reliable power on all terrain. This engine comes equipped with a Tier 4 Final emission compliance system and plenty of power for you to tackle any project. With the engine being so reliable, you can rest assured knowing your excavator is built to last.

The new dual-path hydrostatic drive with electronic modulation allows you to move smoothly and consistently, giving you the most control possible over the machine. Whether you’re on dry land or wet, this drivetrain can manage movements swiftly and delicately, allowing you to thrust the machine with great precision.

As we mentioned before, the John Deere 35G provides a very comfortable ride, even on the toughest of terrains. The cab ergonomics are designed for maximum comfort and convenience, with adjustable seat and controls. Plus, the 35G comes equipped with plenty of climate control options, so you don’t have to worry about getting hot or cold while excavating.

Built with the operator in mind, the 35G is available with several different control and interface options, including optional joystick controls, enabling you to take full control of your machine effortlessly. This makes operation easy and less stressful on you.

The John Deere 35G Excavator is a mid-sized powerhouse of a machine and is sure to exceed your expectations on the job site. It comes with the industry’s best features and top of the line reliability, in a compact and maneuverable size. Time to get your hands on the best mid-sized excavator on the market and make your job easier than ever before. Don’t wait and call Cam today at to get yours ordered!

DEERE 35G Excavator For Sale: $14100!

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    Brand New John Deere 35G Cab! Powered by a 23.3 HP Yanmar Diesel Engine. Max Digging Depth of 10 feet and weighs 8200 pounds. This model when equipped with the standard arm options offers a ZERO TAIL SWING. Call Cam today at to get yours ordered!

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