2023 DEERE 35G Excavator For Sale & 1 Hours



DEERE 35G Excavator For Sale Price: $10600!

Are you in the market for a John Deere 35 G Cab Excavator? Look no further! Equipped with an impressive 23.3 horsepower engine and other features, this excavator is not only reliable, but well worth the 10,600 dollar price tag.

Weighing in at 8,135 pounds and with a maximum digging depth of 10 feet and a digging reach of 17 feet 1 inch, this machine is capable of tackling the toughest of tasks. In addition to its impressive specs, the 35 G Cab Excavator also boasts a ground clearance of 11 inches and an 11.1-gallon fuel capacity to make sure you stay up and running.

The machine can also be tailored to your needs. Hydraulic thumb and bucket can be added to your excavator if desired.

For added convenience, here at John Deere, we also provide shipping and financing services to make sure you get the excavator you need, where you need it.

So don’t wait! Pick up the phone and call Adrian Woodruff at 678-SevenEightSeven-1261 and enquire about the John Deere 35 G Cab Excavator. The machine has been refurbished to top condition and is ready to be shipped as soon as you need it.

Whatever your need, the 35G is the perfect choice. Our excavator has been tested, tried and true and will serve you reliably for many years. With the unbeatable combination of a heavy-duty 23.3 horsepower engine and its maneuverability, you really can’t go wrong investing in the John Deere 35 G cab excavator.

We are confident that you won’t be disappointed. So don’t wait, pick up the phone and call 678-SevenEightSeven-1261 right now and ask about the John Deere 35 G Cab Excavator.

DEERE 35G Excavator For Sale: $10600!

    DEERE 35G Excavator Specifications:












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    John Deere 35G Cab Excavator
    -23.3 Horsepower Engine
    -10ft Max Digging Depth
    -17ft 1inDigging Reach
    -8,135lb Operating Weight
    -11" Ground Clearance
    -11.1 Gallon Fuel Capacity
    -Bucket Not Included
    -Hydraulic Thumb and Bucket Can Be Added
    -Shipping & Financing Available

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