2022 BOBCAT E35R2 Excavator For Sale & 26.2 Hours



BOBCAT E35R2 Excavator For Sale Price: $14100!

For those who are looking for top-of-the-line and reliable excavation equipment, BOBCAT E35R2 Excavator is the perfect choice. This all-season excavator is equipped with powerful, long-reach hydraulic wands, hydraulic thumb and rear view camera. The excavator has great fuel efficiency and allows you to talk directly on your Bluetooth phone. E35R2 has a Master electric system with an automated Keyless start. The E35R2 is both cost effective and energy efficient which helps you save money on energy bills. Furthermore, the excavator has a reliable, easy-to-use touchscreen display and LED work lights that can be of great help when you are working in the dark.

Not only does it have all these features, but it also comes with a factory-grade heat and AC system that lets you control the temperature of your work surroundings, as well as a warranty that is good through 8/22/21 or 2000 hours. If your purchase date and repairs date are in between these dates, you can easily extend your warranty at no extra cost.

E35R2 Excavator is suitable for small to medium-sized projects. Their design enables users to work with productivity and comfort even in the most extreme conditions. The excavator has a 33hp platinum R2 engine that works noiselessly and efficiently. It also has an improved hydraulic thumb that helps to make tasks easier and more efficient. The ripper and long reach hydraulic wands provide users with exceptional reach and power.

Also, the BOBCAT E35R2 Excavator is user-friendly and easy to operate. Its Touchscreen display has all the relevant data, so you don’t have to keep adjusting settings. The excavator also has a rear view camera and the Bluetooth phone talk and radio connection which makes the operations easier and more efficient.

So if you are looking for reliable and efficient excavation work, then you must buy the BOBCAT E35R2 Excavator. This product comes with a competitive price and warranty, making it the perfect choice for excavation work.

BOBCAT E35R2 Excavator For Sale: $14100!

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    2022 Bobcat E35, 33hp, Platinum R2, Long Reach Hydraulic Quick Exchange, Hydraulic Thumb, Rear View Camera, Bluetooth Phone Talk And Radio Connection, Factory Heat/AC, LED Work Lights, Keyless Start, Touchscreen Display, Ready To Work, Warranty Good Through 8/22/24 or 2000hrs. Warranty Extension Possible

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