2021 CATERPILLAR 303.5E CR Excavator For Sale



CATERPILLAR 303.5E CR Excavator For Sale Price: $17800!

Product Introduction:
CATERPILLAR 303.5E CR Excavator is the ideal choice for the farmers, contractors and job-site professionals. It is a powerful, robust and reliable machine for both residential and commercial applications. The variable flow hydraulic system increases the machine’s productivity and allows operator to apply the power of the engine to the application. It is specially designed to reduce noise and vibration levels, and also features an almost fuel-less burn with minimal emissions.

Performance Features:
The CATERPILLAR 303.5E CR Excavator is powered by a Cat C3.3B Tier IV Final engine that delivers the best out of each job-site task. With a productive and reliable working performance, it comes with elements such as maximum torque and powerful lift capacity. The Dig & Drive system allows you to quickly switch between digging modes and provides responsive, smooth and efficient power. Also, the machine is built with strong material to extend its life. Its FOPS/ROPS protection cab allows the operator to get maximum visibility and safety.

Product Benefits:
The CATERPILLAR 303.5E CR Excavator features a robust hydraulic system and delivers improved material flow and seamless control. It is designed with the latest fuel-saving technologies and emission system for low running cost and maximum fuel saving. The machine has adjustable idle control which reduces fuel consumption in hot or cold conditions. It also has an auto fuel shut-off to prevent improper refuelling. The Comfort and Control system allows the operator to adjust the cab and ride height for a perfect fit for operators of all sizes and improve the ride comfort.

Value-Added Attachments:
The CATERPILLAR 303.5E CR Excavator is compatible with all CATERPILLAR attachments to help you increase productivity and versatility. The Variable Angle Boom (VAB) is the ideal attachment for demolition, trenching and loading operations. The Long Reach Boom (LRB) offers superior control in larger jobs such as loading, shipping and long-distance excavations. The Clamshell Bucket is ideal for bulk material handling, while the Multi-Task Tool Carrier (MTTC) allows the use of several tools in one piece of equipment.

With the CATERPILLAR 303.5E CR Excavator, work becomes faster, easier and more efficient. It is the perfect machine for the enhancement of productivity. It is an affordable, robust, reliable and cost-effective solution for the contractors, farmers and job-site professionals. With superior features, the CATERPILLAR 303.5E CR Excavator offers an exceptional value for a low price of just 17800 and allows you to maintain the highest level of productivity and safety.

CATERPILLAR 303.5E CR Excavator For Sale: $17800!

    CATERPILLAR 303.5E CR Excavator Specifications:






    303.5E CR

    Serial Number





    New machine;
    Tilt cylinder;
    swivel boom;
    Rubber track shoew;

    ROPS Type


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