2018 CASE CX31B Excavator For Sale & 241 Hours



CASE CX31B Excavator For Sale Price: $17700!

Looking for a dependable, powerful and efficient excavator for your construction jobs? Consider the redesigned CASE CX31B Excavator. With a full range of attachments and features, this purpose-built machine is perfect for any project.

Right out of the gates, the CASE CX31B comes fully loaded with a hydraulic thumb, 12 and 24-inch buckets and a fully enclosed ROPS cab with air conditioning. The advanced hydraulics give operators unparalleled power and balance when digging, lowering and reaching – ideal for any job, no matter the terrain or conditions.

The CASE CX31B is built with a rugged design and durable frame, increasing its longevity, as well as its value over the years. The weight and size of this excavator give it great power, efficiency and balance, with a total transport weight of 23,839 pounds and a maximum operating weight of 31,943 pounds. The size of the dig feet are 13 feet 2 inches wide and 22 feet, 10 inches long and the tracks offer a 72-inch grubbing angle.

The CASE CX31B runs on a neat and easy-to-maintain turbocharged diesel engine, giving it an impressive 200-horsepower and 545 foot-pounds of torque. This advanced technology uses either pumps or closed-circuit flow for a steady, efficient speed, perfect for any ground and debris footings, as well as cutting challenges.

For those who want the convenience of a larger machine without sacrificing cost, the CASE CX31B is a perfect fit. Currently, we have a gently used model for sale for just $17,700 with only 241 hours on it. As a reliable, cost effective and efficient machine, the CASE CX31B offers the ultimate in performance and value.

If you’re interested in learning more about the CASE CX31B or any of our other exceptional excavators, please contact us today! We’re always happy to answer questions and discuss the details of our products and see what solution will work best for your projects.

CASE CX31B Excavator For Sale: $17700!

    CASE CX31B Excavator Specifications:











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    HYDRAULIC THUMB. 12 & 24 inch buckets. CAB HEAT AND AIR. VERY NICE.



    ROPS Type




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