2017 KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator For Sale



KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator For Sale Price: $10600!

KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator is advanced equipement designed to meet the needs of customers operating in a variety of fields. Whether it is construction, commercial operations, landscape or earth moving development, KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator is the perfect choice to employ.

KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator is powered by a unique 33.6 KW of driving force. This brings impressive levels of efficiency and performance. Together with a working radius of up to 10.15m, customers have the ability to move significantly more material than standard diggers. The KUBOTA KX019-4 is ideal for ground construction and engineering, enabling customers to dig up to 5.4 m deep and move up to 3.1tons in mass quickly.

The cabin of the KUBOTA KX019-4 is designed for comfort and safety. This is a huge factor when it comes to operations being completed in a safe and efficient manner. The cabin features an integrated A/C system and overpressure, allowing operators to stay cool throughout long shifts. The cabin is also fitted with noise level mufflers and cab vibration dampers, allowing operators to stay comfortable throughout their sessions. This is especially beneficial when using the KUBOTA KX019-4 in confined spaces such as indoors or in tight urban areas.

The KUBOTA KX019-4 is designed with a robust chassis that is capable of bearing larger loads. The reinforced structure of undercarriage also allows for efficient performance even in harsh conditions. The tracks are completely adjustable with respective angle pins within maximum pin reach, allowing for greater stability and balance irrespective of terrain. This also enhances levels of control and performance when used on slopes and over uneven surfaces.

KUBOTA KX019-4 is available in a variety of options to suit customer preferences and individual needs. The excavator comes with a range of buckets in order to ensure precise execution of operations. The Hitachi excavator comes with a simple and easy to use interfaces, allowing operators to quickly learn the basics of the KUBOTA KX019-4 and get started on work almost immediately.

The KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator is currently priced at 10,600. That is a great value for money as this is brand new 2017 state of the art equipement. All in all, the KUBOTA KX019-4 is the perfect choice of equipement for customers operating in a multitude of industries. It performs outstandingly, is extremely user-friendly and is equipped with features that will enhance productivity and performance. What’s more, this excavator is available at a great price. So don’t miss out, get your KUBOTA KX019-4 today!

KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator For Sale: $10600!

    KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator Specifications:










    2017 – 1498 h – 1 bucket – incl. airco and overpressure

    ROPS Type


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