2013 DEERE 50G Excavator Sale 2,377 Hours


DEERE 50G Excavator For Sale Price: $17780!


Introducing the Deere 50G Excavator, the most powerful and versatile excavator on the market. This powerful machine has been designed to perform a variety of digging and digging-related work at a fraction of the time and effort. Thanks to its robust and reliable construction, the Deere 50G offers exceptional durability and performance.

The Deere 50G comes equipped with a heavy-duty, high-efficiency Cummins engine rated at 164 horsepower. The engine provides a consistent and reliable supply of power and torque to handle tough digging tasks. This excavator is capable of piercing into tough ground, digging deep trenches and making steep climbs at steep angles. Its short arm design and tight turning radius enable it to take on heavy-duty jobs in tight spaces with minimal effort.

The Deere 50G’s hydraulic system offers precise control and smooth digging. Its purpose-built boom, arm, and bucket hydraulic cylinders generate increased power and reach for precise, precise digging and trenching. By providing greater control, the Deere 50G reduces fatigue, resulting in increased productivity.

This particular unit of the Deere 50G is from 2013 and features diesel engine, 2,377 hours of performance, and Open Cab ROPS type. The rubber track type ensures smooth and safe transport of the machine to and from job sites.

The Deere 50G is equipped with several advanced safety features, including an automatic self-leveling feature, that automatically adjust the arm, bucket and blade so streamline the operation and ensure machine and operator safety.

The Deere 50G is equipped with a variety of technological features designed to improve operator efficiency, comfort and performance. An intuitive LCD monitor is incorporated in the operator cab providing easy monitoring of the engine and operating functions.

The Deere 50G is robust enough to handle the tightest construction sites and toughest jobs, yet it is still easy to transport. The machine is built for reliability, performance and productivity and can handle most excavation jobs with ease.

Whether you need to perform roadwork or tackle heavy-duty ground excavation, the Deere 50G excavator will deliver you with the highest level of service, best performance, and unparalleled reliability. Its short arm design, advanced monitoring features and technological features make the Deere 50G an excellent choice for any job.

DEERE 50G Excavator For Sale: $17780!

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