2023 ZOOMLION FE18H Forklift For Sale & 10 Hours



ZOOMLION FE18H Forklift For Sale Price: $11700!

ZOOMLION FE18H Forklift is an excellent choice for any warehouse, logistics provider or distribution center looking to increase efficiency and productivity. With a load capacity of 9500 lbs and a reliable and durable engine, the FE18H is built to get the job done.

For those looking for top notch safety performance, the ZOOM-LION FE18H Forklift offers multiple advanced safety features that have been designed in to the product from the start. This includes an Advanced Safety System (ASS), which continuously monitors working conditions and provides corrective feedback when needed. It also includes audible and visual warnings for unsafe conditions and a tilt-over detection system for preventing overturning.

This ZOOMLION model is well-maintained and always serviced regularly. When purchased brand new in 2023, the model comes with a 10 hour usage guarantee and a serial number of 6011252421 to ensure authenticity and warranty. In addition to that, its construction is designed to last through even the toughest tasks.

The FE18H Forklift also includes a fork backrest, making it easier to perform tasks with heavier pallets or items. Additionally, its lift masts include a triple mast design so that the rack can handle any job with ease. Get the most out of the unit by ensuring that it is serviced regularly, with inspections, oil changes and other preventative maintenance routines regularly.

The ZOOMLION FE18H Forklift is an affordable yet high quality purchase in comparison to competing models from other manufacturers. With its affordable price of 11700, the purchase of this model provides an excellent return on investment. With its multiple advanced safety features, reliable engine, and durable construction, the FE18H is perfect for any warehouse or distribution center. Get the job done efficiently and with confidence by investing in quality ZOOMLION products.

ZOOMLION FE18H Forklift For Sale: $11700!

    ZOOMLION FE18H Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number





    Always serviced and well maintained. ZOOM-LION continues to be an industry leader with innovative product development including safety features.
    Weight: 9500

    Fork Backrest


    Load Capacity

    3,900 lb

    Maximum Lift Height

    15 ft 9 in

    Side Shift


    Mast Type


    Full Free Lift


    Power Type


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