2023 UHI FR35 Forklift For Sale



UHI FR35 Forklift For Sale Price: $9000!

the toughest of terrain. The FR35 is powered by the latest diesel engine and is equipped with adjustable lifting arms, powerful anti-shake technology, dual control levers and a large operator cabin allowing for superior comfort and performance.

The UHI FR35 Forklift is the perfect choice for any business or agency seeking a heavy-duty, versatile, and dependable piece of equipment. The 3.5T load capacity ensures that even the most demanding job and terrain requirements can be easily and safely handled. With its full engine protection system, adjustable height ladders, and robust operators cabin, alongside other safety features, the UHI FR35 is truly an all-in-one forklift for any professional.

The FR35 is equipped with advanced technology, such as its anti-shake technology, designed to reduce vibrations and increase forklift stability. This allows the forklift to handle even the heaviest loads with ease and gives it the capability to work in maintenance operations even in the toughest of terrains. The dual control levers, with inherently comfortable operation, gives the user the feel of natural control. This feature makes controlling the FR35 easy and hassle-free.

The UHI FR35 Forklift is built with quality and longevity in mind. The FR35 is designed to be robust and reliable and to last in the long-term, providing efficient and perfect, every-time performance. With all the features manufactured to the very highest standards, it’s no wonder that the FR35 has been one of the most popular forklifts on the market for years.

The UHI FR35 Forklift is the ideal choice for any professionals looking for an affordable, heavy-duty, reliable, and versatile piece of equipment. The UHI FR35 provides top-of-the-line performance, along with a host of other outstanding features, all for a reasonable price. With its 3.5T load capacity, adjustable lifting arms, dual control levers, large operator cabin and anti-shake technology, the UHI FR35 is truly an all-in-one forklift for the professional.

UHI FR35 Forklift For Sale: $9000!

    UHI FR35 Forklift Specifications:










    Introducing the UHI FR35 3.5T Rough Terrain Diesel Forklift, the perfect solution for handling heavy loads in rugged and challenging environments. With its impressive 3.5T Loading capacity, this forklift is designed to tackle even the toughest tasks with ease.

    The UHI FR35 is powered by a reliable diesel engine that delivers exceptional power and performance, making it ideal for use on rough terrain and in outdoor environments. The rugged design of this forklift ensures that it can withstand even the toughest conditions, so you can get the job done no matter what the weather.

    The UHI FR35 is also designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. The spacious and well-appointed operator's cabin provides ample headroom and a comfortable seat, making it easy to operate for long periods of time. The intuitive controls ensure that even novice operators can quickly and easily become proficient with the machine.

    So if you're looking for a powerful, reliable, and versatile forklift that can handle even the toughest tasks with ease, look no further than the UHI FR35 3.5T Rough Terrain Diesel Forklift. Invest in the best and watch your productivity soar!

    * 1 Year Full Parts & Labour Warranty,
    2 Year Engine Full Parts & Labour Warranty,
    3 Year Full Parts Warranty.
    * 3.5T Rough Terrain Forklift, Two front wheels drive
    * Toyota seat with safety belt and ops
    * Side shift
    * 3 stage 4.5m FFL mast
    * Pneumatic Tires, Front and rear LED lights

    Power type Diesel
    Load Capacity 3500kg*500mm
    Operation position Sit Down Rider Type Automatic transmission
    Engine XINCHAI-C495BPG
    Rated Power(kw) 42kw/2650r.p.m
    Displacement 2980cc
    Operating Pressure 18.5kg/cm2
    Fork Width 125mm
    Fork Length 1220mm
    Max Fork Height 4500mm

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