2023 SANY SY26U Excavator For Sale & 2 Hours



SANY SY26U Excavator For Sale Price: $19700!

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Whether you’re constructing roads, landscaping, or working in tight spaces you need a reliable, powerful and efficient excavator that can get the job done with minimal effort. The SANY SY26U Excavator offers precisely that. Its impressive power-to-weight ratio and zero-tail-swing make it highly maneuverable and easy to control for results that exceed so many expectations.

At just 6,085 lbs and with a gross power output of 19.6 hp, you can trust the SY26U to deliver on both power and performance. It also features a wide variety of tools for specific tasks, including a bucket, hammer, and breaker to give you everything you need for whatever projects come your way. An independent boom swing, automatic engine speed-up system and easy access to important maintenance points ensure that you can keep your SY26U running right. Every job needs a reliable workhorse, and the SY26U delivers.

The SY26U is also the perfect choice when time is of the essence. Its quick-change control handle module allows you to select and switch between several different operation modes in a snap. This makes it incredibly simple to handle switching between jobs and keep up with your tight deadlines.

Priced at just 19,700, you won’t find a better deal on superior quality and performance than the SANY SY26U. Its comfortable cabin, expansive operating range, and efficient fuel-consumption put it ahead of other excavators in the same class. The SANY SY26U is suitable for a variety of applications, such as residential construction, landscaping, trenching, and much more. Put your trust in it for superior performance and affordability.

SANY SY26U Excavator For Sale: $19700!

    SANY SY26U Excavator Specifications:












    6,085 LB

    2,760 kg

    19.6 HP

    14.6 kW

    9′ 3″

    2,820 mm

    Tough and capable, the SANY SY26U short-tail-swing mini excavator is made to bring big performance to narrow and confined spaces. Featuring a fully enclosed cab, operators can enjoy a comfortable cockpit while taking on earth-moving and road-building projects in any conditions. Its lightweight design and compact form make it versatile in the field, and easy access to important maintenance points helps reduce maintenance time so you can crush deadlines.

    Zero tail swing radius and independent boom swing allow operation in extremely confined spaces
    The independently developed intelligent control system matches pump output to available engine power for greater hydraulic system efficiency and lower fuel consumption

    ROPS Type


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