2023 REACT X3.5T Forklift For Sale & 0 Hours



REACT X3.5T Forklift For Sale Price: $10400!

Stage Mast 4.5m

Introducing the REACT X3.5T Forklift. This powerful, feature-packed lift truck is here to help streamline your business, and make your job easier.

This lift truck is a perfect fit for a variety of businesses, from warehouses and factories to construction sites. What makes the X3.5T so attractive to these sectors is its powerful Xinchai-Perkins 65HP diesel engine, and its advanced features, such as an automatic transmission and automatic differential lock.

The X3.5T comes in three different mast sizes: container, 2 stage, and 3 stage. The container mast includes sizes from 3.0m to 4.0m, and the 3 stage mast comes with a variety of options from 4.5m up.

The ergonomic design of this machine makes it easy for operators to move around, and the load capacity is impressive – the X3.5T can lift up to 3.5 tonnes, making it more than capable of handling anything you’d need to move.

The addition of this machine to your business will save you time and money, making it a great investment. Even more so, considering that the X3.5T is available at an unbeatable price of $10400.

If you’re in the market for a reliable and powerful forklift, you should consider the REACT X3.5T. This machine will help you streamline your operations and save your business money, making it an essential tool for any workplace.

REACT X3.5T Forklift For Sale: $10400!

    REACT X3.5T Forklift Specifications:











    Stock Number



    Xinchai-Perkins 65hp Diesel Engine
    4.5m 3 Stage Container Mast
    Automatic Transmission
    Automatic Differential Lock
    Optional Mast Sizes
    – Container Mast – 2 Stage Mast 3.0m / 3.5m / 4.0m
    – 3 Stage Mast 4.5m / 5.0m / 5.5m / 6.0m
    Fork Positioner
    Side Shift
    Optional Fork Tyne Lengths
    Pneumatic Tire
    Suspension Seat
    LED Lights
    Reverse Alarm
    Large Aluminium Radiator

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