2023 REACT X2.5T Forklift For Sale & 0 Hours



REACT X2.5T Forklift For Sale Price: $14300!

The REACT X2.5T Forklift is an outstanding model that combines cutting-edge technology with dependable performance. Whether moving freight or stock, this machine offers efficient and economical operation. This forklift is the perfect tool for a variety of industries, from manufacturing and warehousing to construction and distribution.

The X2.5T comes with a Xinchai-Perkins diesel engine, providing outstanding power and efficiency. It boasts an automatic transmission, and optional mast sizes, offering container masts from 2.0-4.5m, and/or 3-stage masts from 4.5m-5.5m, allowing for maximum flexibility. The new hoist system offers smoother and quicker operation, safety, and increased productivity.

The REACT X2.5T Forklift has a wide range of standard features, including a high visibility mast, pedals for improved driving ease, adjustable seat and controls, audible reverse signal and travel alarms, and adjustable load back rest and load lights. These features are combined with reliable and robust construction.

The X2.5T Forklift is manufactured with excellent craftsmanship, and is priced at a competitive rate of 14300. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and is available in a new condition, with a stock number of X2.5T ALL-TERRAIN.

REACT understands the importance of protecting our environment and has equipped the X2.5T Forklift with advanced emissions control technologies, exceeding industry standards. This forklift is also engineered to meet and exceed all safety standards. The X2.5T also features a powerful engine for quick start up, plenty of storage and cab space, and exceptional operator comfort.

It’s easy to see why the REACT X2.5T Forklift is a popular choice for a variety of industrial applications, from manufacturing and warehousing to construction and distribution. With its reliable performance, cutting-edge features and competitive pricing, this forklift model is the ideal solution for all your needs.

REACT X2.5T Forklift For Sale: $14300!

    REACT X2.5T Forklift Specifications:











    Stock Number



    Xinchai-Perkins Diesel Engine
    4.5m 3 Stage Container Mast
    Automatic Transmission
    Optional Mast Sizes
    – Container Mast – 2 Stage Mast 3.0m / 3.5m / 4.0m
    – 3 Stage Mast 4.5m / 5.0m / 5.5m / 6.0m
    Fork Positioner
    Side Shift
    Optional Fork Tyne Lengths
    Pneumatic Tire
    Suspension Seat
    LED Lights
    Reverse Alarm
    Large Aluminium Radiator

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