2023 PRINCETON D45.2 TURFMATE Forklift For Sale & 1 Hours



PRINCETON D45.2 TURFMATE Forklift For Sale Price: $10500!

The Princeton D45.2 TurfMate Forklift is the perfect tool for the ever-changing needs of the turf industry. It is a truck mounted forklift featuring the latest technology innovations and is able to easily handle the tough and varied terrain of the turf industry.

The Princeton D45.2 TurfMate Forklift is specifically designed for the turf industry. It features a wide range of features that make it ideal for hauling material, as well as loading and unloading pallets of supplies. The forklift is equipped with a powerful engine that provides smooth operation, as well as a torsion resistant frame. It also features a low center of gravity that ensures stability while maintaining a low overall height to facilitate easy transport.

The truck mounted Princeton D45.2 TurfMate Forklift is perfect for quick and efficient transport of materials and equipment. It has an adjustable lifting height, allowing it to accommodate a wide range of materials. Additionally, it is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system, allowing it to easily move through difficult terrain. The hydraulic system is also protected by a digital monitoring system that ensures the safety and efficiency of the unit.

The Princeton D45.2 TurfMate Forklift also has an adjustable transmission system, allowing it to match the requirements of different loads and terrain. It comes with a low noise and vibration package that reduces operational noise, making it convenient for use in places where sound and vibration are not wanted. It also features a custom designed, ergonomic operator seat that allows for all-day comfort. The forklift is powered by a 9.9 liter gas engine, providing maximum power and fuel efficiency.

The Princeton D45.2 TurfMate Forklift is the perfect tool for the ever-changing needs of the turf industry. With its superior design, outstanding features, and efficient performance, this forklift is an ideal choice for any turf-related needs. With a price of $10,500, this forklift is a great value purchase. Whether it’s for loading, unloading, hauling, or transporting, the Princeton D45.2 TurfMate Forklift will make a great addition to any turf industry operations.

PRINCETON D45.2 TURFMATE Forklift For Sale: $10500!

    PRINCETON D45.2 TURFMATE Forklift Specifications:






    D45.2 TURFMATE





    Hours Meter

    Accurate / Verified


    For years, the Princeton has been the preferred truck mounted forklift for the turf industry. As the needs of the industry have evolved, so has the PiggyBack forklift. Through continued customer feedback and design advances, the all-new Princeton D45.2+ TurfMate has been designed to better serve both the customer and the operator as the new solution.

    The D45.2 TurfMate features ergonomic, precise hydraulically-actuated joystick controls with our high speed "zero turn" drive system. Operators will appreciate the remotely lockable, rear-mounted swivel dolly wheels that allow the machine to float across turf – even in zero turn operation. Maintenance access has been greatly improved and a smart, color LCD display panel keeps operators well informed during operation, while providing self-diagnostic ability. The D45.2 TurfMate is powerful, yet light enough to be mounted onto a truck or trailer, quickly dismount at the job site and be ready to work in less than a minute. With a 4,500 lb lift capacity, a powerful Tier4 Final compliant engine and zero-turn capability; the D45.2 TurfMate can streamline your delivery operation.

    Fork Length

    48 in

    Adjustable Forks


    Fork Backrest


    Load Capacity

    4,500 lb

    Maximum Lift Height

    10 ft

    Operator Type

    Seated Rider

    Side Shift


    Mast Tilt


    Tire Type




    Power Type


    Max Travel Speed Empty

    9.5 mph


    56 HP

    Engine Manufacturer


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