2023 OCTANE FD80 Forklift For Sale & 5 Hours



OCTANE FD80 Forklift For Sale Price: $12500!

The OCTANE FD80 forklift is the ideal choice for any warehouse or job site. With a low price of $12,500 and a new model year of 2023, the OCTANE FD80 is a worth choice for businesses looking to upgrade their material handling solutions.

The FD80 has only 5 hours of usage time on its clock and comes with a serial number of 238-FD80-01. Its condition is “new”, testifying to its high level of quality, durability, and reliability.

The drivetrain features a powerful combination of a Cummins diesel engine and Allison transmission, enabling the FD80 to nimbly maneuver in and around tight spaces. The forklift’s robust lifting capacity of 5,500 lbs. is more than capable of handling even the toughest and heaviest loads.

The robust design of the OCTANE FD80 forklift is optimized for durability and efficiency. Its tough steel frame absorbs bumps and shocks, ensuring the neverending smooth operation, so you won’t leave your cargo with broken and damaged goods. The enhanced fuel efficiency gives you an extra savings on sales cost, increasing your profit margin.

The OCTANE FD80 forklift is easy to use and extremely maneuverable, with ergonomic and intuitive control layouts. This allows the operator to easily control the lift, providing safe and efficient workers. The lift is also equipped with a wide range of safety features, providing the operator with peace of mind.

The best part of the OCTANE FD80 is the quality components used to assemble it. These world-class components combined with unbeatable value and performance make the FD80 an ideal choice for your material handling needs. Whether you need a fast and reliable forklift for a warehouse, a durable piece of machinery for a construction site, or something else entirely, the OCTANE FD80 is the perfect solution.

OCTANE FD80 Forklift For Sale: $12500!

    OCTANE FD80 Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number





    OCTANE lifts are built from the best components available in the world! These components combine to provide one of the best values in the material handling industry. Easy to use and maneuver for any user, OCTANE will help you increase productivity and save you money! With a full 1-year Factory Warranty and additional warranty coverage available (up to 5 years/10,000 hours), your OCTANE purchase will inspire years of confidence.
    EngineMake: Cummins QSF3.8C120 T4
    EngineModel: Cummins QSF3.8C120 T4
    Weight: 34300

    Fork Length

    96 in

    Adjustable Forks


    Fork Backrest


    Load Capacity

    17,500 lb

    Maximum Lift Height

    13 ft 1 in

    Side Shift


    Mast Type




    Power Type


    Engine Tier

    USA Tier 4

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