2023 MOFFETT M5 25.3NX Forklift For Sale



MOFFETT M5 25.3NX Forklift For Sale Price: $5500!

Nett Weight: 2.7 Tonne with Platform Max Lift Capacity: 2500 Kgr Maximum Drive Height : 4.2m,

The MOFFETT M5 25.3 NX Forklift is a powerful and reliable forklift that promises never to let you down on the job. This state-of-the-art model offers an unbeatable combination of performance, safety, and ease of use, making it the perfect choice for any business’s forklift needs.

From its impressive 2.7 tonne net weight and 2500 Kgr maximum lift capacity to its 4.2 metre maximum drive height, this powerful forklift is designed to meet and exceed any customer’s expectations. The quality of this machine has already been proven during its short service life of only 100 hours and one owner, making it an excellent choice for industry and business owners alike.

In addition to its impressive performance, the MOFFETT M5 25.3 NX Forklift is also built with safety in mind. This model includes an automated braking system and an integrated load limiter to help ensure the safe operation of each and every lift. Furthermore, the forklift is fitted with a right hand drive, making it easy and comfortable to manoeuvre in tight spaces and corners.

The MOFFETT M5 25.3 NX Forklift delivers the ultimate in performance, safety, and convenience. With a price tag of only 5500 pounds, this machine presents an excellent value when it comes to forklift purchases. This universal and reliable forklift is ready to help businesses improve their day-to-day operations and boost productivity.

MOFFETT M5 25.3NX Forklift For Sale: $5500!

    MOFFETT M5 25.3NX Forklift Specifications:






    M5 25.3NX



    Stock Number



    Key_information: Moffett Mounty M525.3NXU Foklift- Went into Service in 2023- Only done 100hrs with One owner since new, Excellent Order Throughout
    Mileage: 1
    DriverPosition: Right Hand Drive

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