2023 LIFT HERO CPD30 Forklift For Sale & 4 Hours



LIFT HERO CPD30 Forklift For Sale Price: $13800!

lize the power of the efficient engines to getmaximum safety, performance and efficiency while still enjoying the same competitive up-front cost as traditional diesel forklifts.

Whether you are running a large warehouse or a smaller operation, LIFT HERO CPD30 Forklift has you covered. It delivers superior performance and efficiency with its Lithium-Ion battery technology, making it a game changer in the forklift industry. The battery requires no maintenance so you will save time and energy. The battery is designed to last up to 10 years, giving you long-term savings alongside the up-front cost savings.

LIFT HERO CPD30 Forklifts also offer superior safety, making them a must-have for any business in the materials handling business. It has a range of safety features built-in, from an alarm system which sounds when the lift is not in operation, through to a range of anti-tilt measures, to always ensure stability and security. Not only that, but operators have the added peace of mind that the forklifts are designed with ergonomic features, providing a comfortable and safe working environment.

But aside from safety, there is a huge range of advantages that come with LIFT HERO CPD30 Forklift: fuel efficiency, reduced downtime, and maximum power for packing and unpacking pallets. It supplies production lines with the power to do more in a shorter amount of time. The forklift has a large load capacity and is also highly maneuverable making it perfect for tight spaces, but with its low center of gravity and strong construction, it also gives you stability and protection from outside shocks.

Not only does the LIFT HERO CPD30 Forklift provide efficiency and savings, but it is also super simple to use. With modern interfaces and intuitive technology, operators can quickly and accurately direct the lift, meaning the power of the technology is put in the hands of the users.

So if you’re looking for a high quality forklift that will deliver maximum performance, efficiency and safety, then look no further. LIFT HERO CPD30 Forklift is the perfect solution for your business. With its power, efficiency and innovative technology, you can be confident that you’re investing in a forklift that is sure to make an impact.

LIFT HERO CPD30 Forklift For Sale: $13800!

    LIFT HERO CPD30 Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number





    Operators are calling LIFT HERO lifts "the Tesla of forklifts" and they're changing the game with Lithium-Ion battery technology – the battery requires no maintenance! You can utilize "opportunity" fast charging to have your lift last for an entire shift. Completely sealed electrical components, an 18-month factory warranty and a 5-year / 10,000 hour battery warranty means you have an efficient jobsite and minimal downtime.
    Weight: 10121

    Fork Length

    48 in

    Adjustable Forks


    Fork Backrest


    Load Capacity

    6,000 lb

    Maximum Lift Height

    12 ft 6 in

    Side Shift


    Mast Type


    Full Free Lift


    Power Type


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