2023 KUBOTA U35-4 Excavator For Sale & 1 Hours



KUBOTA U35-4 Excavator For Sale Price: $18100!

Net Horsepower:24.7 HP

Operating Weight:8,022 LB

Digging Depth:13’1”

Kubota U35-4 Excavator has become the leading excavator in its class. It is truly the most versatile piece of equipment a contractor can have. With its 24.7 HP engine and 8,022 lb. operating weight, Kubota U35-4 is a powerhouse that can tackle any job. The U35-4 has a 13’1” dig depth and has a 3,800 lb. Lift Capacity. This excavator also has great features like enclosed ROPS, Hydraulic Thumb Kit, Quick Coupler and Heat & A.C.

When considering Kubota U35-4 excavator you should remember that you receive the highest quality construction and capacity for your money. Kubota has engineered and designed their product to provide the most powerful and efficient operation for the jobsite. The 8,022 pound operating weight of the U35-4 reduces down to 7,389 pound when removing counterweight. This allows for an easier transport when needed.

The U35-4 also offers a great fuel efficiency system that reduces fuel usage while increasing the horsepower to weight ratio. With its Auto-Idle feature and electronically controlled engine, Gas emissions are also reduced. The engine is compliant with EPA emissions level IV and provides a smooth, quiet, and powerful performance. With its Dig Assist Mode, the U35-4 excavator is able to assist the operator when making precise control for operation accuracy and reduces fatigue level.

The U35-4 is engineered with superior hydraulic functions and a greater working range. The hydraulic system offers smooth, powerful and responsive operation. The Auxiliary Hydraulic Models feature allows for independent rear attachment with the flip of a switch, this capability allows for a wider variety of attachments.

When looking for a high-performance compact excavator the Kubota U35-4 is the best choice for the money. The U35-4 comes with a standard list of features including: 24.7 HP diesel engine, 8,022 lb operating weight, 13’1” dig depth, 3,800 lb. Lift Capacity, ROPS Enclosed, Heat & A.C. and a Hydraulic Thumb Kit. Kubota has committed to providing unparalleled quality and craftsmanship in their products and the U35-4 is another example of that commitment. The U35-4 is currently selling for $18,100 and is part of Kubota’s commitment to its customers.

Kubota U35-4 Excavator is the perfect choice for any contractor or homeowner who is looking for a high-performance, yet affordable excavator. It is designed with the flexibility to handle various jobs from landscaping, to demolition or grading. With its 24.7 HP engine, 8,022 lb. operating weight and 13’1” dig depth, the U35-4 is able to tackle typical heavy-duty jobs effortlessly. Its R Ops, Heat and A.C., Auxiliary Hydraulic Models and Dig Assist Mode are just a few of the features that make the U35-4 an ideal purchase. Its exceptional ability to maneuver in tight spaces and impressive lifting capacity provide maximum efficiency and performance when you need it.

If you are looking for an excavator that offers superior performance and unbeatable value, the Kubota U35-4 excavator is an excellent choice. With its competitive price, versatility and quality, this excavator has everything you need to get the job done right.

KUBOTA U35-4 Excavator For Sale: $18100!

    KUBOTA U35-4 Excavator Specifications:









    Serial Number





    2023 Kubota U35-4

    Kubota U35-4. $58263.00 cash deal. financing is available. cab unit with heat and a.c. hydraulic thumb kit. quick coupler 18 inch trenching bucket.

    ROPS Type


    Cab Guards



    24.8 HP

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