2023 KUBOTA KX033-4 Excavator For Sale & 12 Hours



KUBOTA KX033-4 Excavator For Sale Price: $16600!

KUBOTA KX033-4 Excavator

The KUBOTA KX033-4 offers top-of-the-line performance and efficiency in a compact form. A reliable machine, it’s perfect for any job site. Whether you’re digging foundations or maneuvering around backyard landscaping projects, this KX033-4 features a range of features and amenities to ensure long-lasting performance.

Key features of the Kubota KX033-4 excavator include:

• Rubber tracks: The specially designed rubber tracks help provide superior traction, reducing the likelihood of slipping or getting stuck on rough terrain.

• Canopy operator station: An adjustable canopy operator station helps protect the operator from debris, sun, and rain.

• Blade: The blade is perfect for backfilling trenches or grading job sites. With its robust design, it can move large amounts of dirt in a short amount of time.

• Quick coupler: This quick coupler makes it easy to switch from the blade to the attachments such as the 24” QA trenching bucket and KX040 Hyd thumb kit.

• Durable construction: The Kubota KX033-4 is designed using precision engineering and quality components. This means it will stand up to harsh conditions and no job will be too much for it.

The Kubota KX033-4 excavator is a great choice for any job site. With its top-of-the-line performance and durable construction, it will offer years of reliable performance. Plus, with its adjustable canopy operator station and quick coupler, you can quickly switch from one job to the next. With its wide range of features and affordable price, the KX033-4 is the perfect choice for any project.

KUBOTA KX033-4 Excavator For Sale: $16600!

    KUBOTA KX033-4 Excavator Specifications:









    Serial Number




    Stock Number



    2022 Kubota KX033-4R1.
    Rubber Tracks.
    Canopy Operator Station.
    Quick Coupler.
    KX040 Hyd Thumb Kit.
    24" QA Trenching Bucket

    ROPS Type


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