2023 HELI CPQYD25 Forklift For Sale



HELI CPQYD25 Forklift For Sale Price: $11000!

The HELI CPQYD25 Forklift is the perfect option for those looking for a reliable and efficient lift. At only 11000 and put into service by 2023, pre-orders are now available and this lift is selling fast. Manufactured by HELI and boasting the Model Number CPQYD25, the Serial Number 250252T7110, and the Stock Number CPQYD25-M1H-CAB 7110, this forklift is even being sold brand new!

What sets the HELI CPQYD25 Forklift apart from other brands? Pre-installed features include: a dual fuel Mast Forklift, cab, and heat; auxiliary fan and insulation kit, 2WD and side shift; fork positioner, front wiper, and front and rear lights. This is all on top of a smooth and easy shift so you won’t feel much strain when operating the HELI CPQYD25 Forklift. The controls for all of these features can be accessed easily, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

The extra features aren’t the only thing that make this forklift top-of-the-line. It is also incredibly safe, making it an ideal choice for busy job sites. The mechanical brakes make it easy to stop any operation at a moment’s notice if needed, while at the same time making sure an operation can be started again quickly after a pause. This means no down time and no waiting with the HELI CPQYD25 Forklift.

The best part about the HELI CPQYD25 Forklift is that it is also backed by maintenance and support plans. If you are ever having any issues, be it maintenance or performance-wise, you can count on HELI to have a team of qualified professionals ready to help. The 120,000 km/90-month warranty is a great assurance that the HELI CPQYD25 Forklift is sure to last.

For anyone looking for an efficient, reliable, safe, and straightforward forklift, the HELI CPQYD25 Forklift has all of the qualities to be the perfect choice. With an unbeatable price, pre-order and support options, and special features, the HELI CPQYD25 Forklift is great investment for any lift enthusiast. Don’t miss the chance to experience the power and performance of the HELI CPQYD25 Forklift- pick one up today!

HELI CPQYD25 Forklift For Sale: $11000!

    HELI CPQYD25 Forklift Specifications:







    Serial Number




    Stock Number

    CPQYD25-M1H-CAB 110


    STK# CPQYD25-M1H-CAB 7110 New HELI CYPD25-M1H Dual Fuel Mast Forklift, Cab, Heat, Aux. Fan, Insulation Kit, 2WD, Side Shift, Fork Positioner, Front Wiper, Front and Rear LED Work Lights and Yellow Beacon, Solid Industrial Tires, Standard Pallet Forks.
    Hour meter current at time of listing.
    Hours are subject to change.

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    Model CYPD25-MIH3
    Engine Mitsubishi
    Fuel Type Dual Fuel Gasoline/LPG
    Rated Capacity 3,860 lbs.
    Max. Lift Height 185"
    Overall Length 136.8"
    Overall Width 42"
    Overall Height 83"
    Machine Weight 9,680 lbs.
    Tires Solid Industrial

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    Adjustable Forks


    Load Capacity

    3,860 lb

    Side Shift


    Mast Tilt




    Power Type


    Engine Manufacturer


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