2023 EP EFL 252 Forklift For Sale



EP EFL 252 Forklift For Sale Price: $9200!

Introducing the EP EFL 252 Forklift
Are you in the market for a quality, reliable and innovative forklift that is designed for the toughest applications? Look no further than the EP EFL 252 forklift. This electric forklift is specially designed to provide maximum load handling performance, excellent durability and strength of construction with intuitive handling capabilities.

Features and Benefits
The EP EFL 252 forklift is designed with multiple features to maximize load performance and operator safety, making this machine one of the most reliable and productive lift trucks on the market. With a maximum lifting height of 4.8 meters, this forklift has the capability of lifting larger and heavier loads than other, similar models on the market. It also makes use of a powerful 80V/205Ah Li-ion Battery, along with an 80V/65A integrated charger, providing opportunity charging to ensure that the forklift never runs low on power.

For operator safety, the EP EFL 252 offers a range of built-in features, including a rear working light/blue to improve visibility when driving in darker conditions. Additionally, this model includes telematics software, so you can monitor the forklift’s location, battery condition, and receive detailed usage reports. This allows you to keep track of your forklift’s performance, set limits for usage, and ensure that the machine is always running optimally.

Value for Money
The EP EFL 252 Forklift offers excellent value for money with a price of only $9200 and a model year of 2023. What’s more, every machine is given an accurate and verified hours meter, so you can be confident that what you’re buying is in excellent condition. This makes the EP EFL 252 the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable forklift.

The EP EFL 252 Forklift is a reliable, powerful and cost-effective machine that is designed to meet the toughest of lifting applications. With its maximum lifting height, range of safety features and integrated telematics, it is the perfect choice for anyone in the market for a quality, dependable forklift. Why not try one out today?

EP EFL 252 Forklift For Sale: $9200!

    EP EFL 252 Forklift Specifications:






    EFL 252



    Hours Meter

    Accurate / Verified


    Max Lifting Height 4.8m, 80V/205Ah Li-ion Battery, 80V/65A Integrated Charger Providing Opportunity Charging,
    Telematics (Truck Location Usage Reports, Battery Condition), Rear Working Light/Blue Spotlight, Reverse Horn, 5 Year Battery Warranty

    Operating Condition


    Load Capacity

    5,511.56 lb

    Maximum Lift Height

    15 ft 9 in



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