2022 TAYLOR X360M Forklift For Sale & 0 Hours



TAYLOR X360M Forklift For Sale Price: $17800!

8,000 lb Lift Height

TAYLOR X360M Forklift is the perfect addition to any warehouse or outdoor loading dock. With a low profile design, it is perfect for navigating narrow aisles, loading docks, and containers while staying on top of tight deadlines. You can trust that TAYLOR will provide you with a forklift that can handle the tough demands of hauling up to 33,000 lbs of payload.

It features a 15-ft mast, with adjustable fork height and an 8,000 lbs lift capacity, allowing for maximum control and torque when transporting heavy loads over more difficult routes. TAYLOR’s X360M Forklift also come with impressive range of features including hydrostatic transmission, electric power take-off for attachment, electronic traction control and pneumatic tires for smooth handling.

In addition to its durability, the TAYLOR X360M Forklift is designed with energy efficiency in mind and has a fuel capacity of 22 gallons, maximizing fuel efficiency and job time. Maintenance is also easy with the X360M, in-dash diagnostics and 24 volt system with battery life reaching up to two years.

As the latest addition to the TAYLOR lineup, The X360M Forklift is a versatile and powerful option to get your materials moving. Now available with a price of $17,800, the X360M is perfect for cost conscious buyers. Don’t wait to get one of these change makers in your warehouse by April/May 2023.

Overall the TAYLOR X360M Forklift is the ideal solution for moving heavy materials and product in the most efficient and effective way. With its low profile design, it can easily reach tight corners and alleys. Its hydro-static transmission and electric power take off enable can take on difficult jobs with ease. Plus, advanced safety features and impressive warranty adds to its overall dependability.

With a price tag of $17,800 and powerful specs, the X360M is a perfect product to invest in and get your job done right the first time. So order a brand new X360M and experience next-level lifting power and performance now.

TAYLOR X360M Forklift For Sale: $17800!

    TAYLOR X360M Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number





    Brand New Taylor X360M arriving April/May 2023. Taylor 24-in Load Center Pneumatic Tire
    15 ft mast

    Load Capacity

    33,000 lb

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