2022 HANGCHA RT50 Forklift For Sale & 6 Hours



HANGCHA RT50 Forklift For Sale Price: $6500!

Are you in search of a robust, efficient, and reliable new forklift? Look no further than the HANGCHA RT50 forklift. Launched in 2022, the RT50 is one of the most advanced forklifts available on the market today, set to revolutionize the industrial moving industry for years to come. With unbeatable performance and a competitive price of $6,500, the HANGCHA RT50 is the perfect choice for your warehouse needs.

The HANGCHA RT50 offers businesses an improved versatility and higher capacity than its competitors. This forklift benefits from a 3-phase AC drive system, providing operators with a top speed of up to 6 hours per shift and impressive maneuverability. The drive system provided in the HANGCHA RT50 is incredibly powerful, capable of handling up to 10 tonnes with ease.

The unique driving technology used in the HANGCHA RT50 has been optimised to reduce the amount of tyre wear, allowing you to quickly and reliably move heavier loads with increased agility. The AC induction motors provide smooth, uniform acceleration and deceleration, while the controller enables precise control of the forklift. This results in a forklift that can be operated safely and with maximum efficiency, making it an ideal choice for working in confined spaces and tight corners.

The HANGCHA RT50 is designed for ease of operation and reliability. It features an intuitive LCD display that enables operators to easily access all alarm statuses, as well as check the vehicle’s current speed, load capacity, and cabin temperature. The machine also features a robust build quality, and is fitted with corrosion-resistant panels, high-grade tyres, and reinforced pillars for additional support.

If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable forklift, the HANGCHA RT50 is the perfect solution. With a high-capacity design and an incredibly efficient drive system, the RT50 provides maximum performance in the most demanding of situations. You can be sure that the HANGCHA RT50 will provide you with dependable and safe operation for years to come.

HANGCHA RT50 Forklift For Sale: $6500!

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