2022 HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F Forklift For Sale & 192 Hours



HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F Forklift For Sale Price: $5400!

stage LF/LH Valve: integrated AC traction motor & controller Drive Axle: dual speed shift 4WD soft shift side shift Attachment available: paper roll clamp, carton clamp, battery charger

The efficient and dependable HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F forklift is an economically-priced machine perfect for warehouses, shipping and receiving departments, and any other location you can imagine. This forklift has a load capacity of 5000lbs at a 24″ load center. The HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F is equipped with a GCT K25 compliant engine, LPG single fuel and Chinese transmission which provides optimal performance and economy. It also has a 185 inch three-stage mast, an integrated AC traction motor & controller and dual speed shift 4WD soft shift side shift to ensure smooth transitions and transitions when shifting.

The HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F is available at an unbeatable price of 5,400 and comes with a warranty until 2022. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that can be easily replaced. An optional paper roll clamp, carton clamp, and battery charger are also available to make loading and unloading even faster and easier. The best part of all is that the HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F is brand new, with zero hours and a serial number of 12BB00973.

The HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F forklift offers both power and safety. It has plenty of features such as adjustable seat, adjustable tilt-wheel, quick response brakes and a convenient side stand with optional caster wheels that make it easy to maneuver in and out of tight spaces. The HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F also has an adjustable overload system for preventing overloads, a low idle switch for extended operation and a lockout system for added safety.

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable forklift that offers great value and performance, then the HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F is definitely the right choice for you. This feature-packed model is available at an amazingly low price and is backed by a comprehensive warranty and great customer service. With the HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F, you can count on a safe and durable forklift that will serve your needs for many years to come.

HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F Forklift For Sale: $5400!

    HANGCHA CPYD25-XW71F Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number




    Stock Number



    5000lbs LPG pneumatic tire truck capacity at 24” load center
    Basic Truck Configuration: GCT K25 certified engine LPG single fuel & Chinese transmission
    Mast: 185” 3 Stage full free lift mast
    Tires: Solid pneumatic
    Control Valve: 4th valve with hydraulic lever
    Hosing: 4th hosing
    Cabin: HC enclosed cabin (w/o rear wiper)
    Rear windshield with wiper
    Air conditioner
    Forks: 48” Class llA fork
    Seat: Operator presence system
    SC29-23 full suspension seat
    Swing down LPG tank bracket (on the counterbalance)
    Rain guard roof
    Rear handle with horn
    LED rear working light
    Right/left mirror
    Air pre-cleaner
    Counterweight grill
    Sideshifter: Cascade hang-on sideshift with 3rd valve and hosing

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