2022 COMBILIFT C10000XLE Forklift For Sale & 1 Hours



COMBILIFT C10000XLE Forklift For Sale Price: $7500!


The COMBILIFT C10000XLE Forklift is the perfect answer for your heavy lifting needs. This forklift can accommodate 10,000 lbs of load capacity, making for an easy transition from job to job. This is one of the most robust, reliable and cost efficient forklifts on the market.

The C10000XLE Forklift is built with a 4WD drive and electric power system, making it perfect for dealing with guided aisles, long loads, narrow aisles and palletized goods. It has a rugged steel frame with an enclosed ROPS. The forklift is engineered to handle the toughest of jobs with power and precision.

The C10000XLE Forklift is also designed with ergonomics in mind. The enclosed cab allows you to stay comfortable while working, while the fully adjustable seat helps keep you comfortable while operating the forklift. The contoured armrest helps with keeping a steady grip while maneuvering the forklift, making it ideal for use in a wide variety of applications.

The C10000XLE Forklift is an investment in the future. With its 2022 release, you can rest assured that your investment will be valid for many years to come. The model comes with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind. The forklift is also listed as a new product, so you know you’re getting the highest quality product available.

COMBILIFT is proud to present you with the C10000XLE Forklift. You won’t find a more reliable or cost-effective solution on the market. Produced with the easiest of operations in mind, the C10000XLE is a great addition to any warehouse or facility. With its 10,000lb capacity, your lifting needs will be easily accomplished.

The C10000XLE Forklift is available for purchase at a price of $7500. The FOB price is listed as in Denver, so you can expect your product to arrive at your doorstep shortly after purchase. With all this in mind, what are you waiting for? Make the investment in your future and purchase the COMBILIFT C10000XLE Forklift today!

COMBILIFT C10000XLE Forklift For Sale: $7500!

    COMBILIFT C10000XLE Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number





    Suitable for handling: Guided Aisles, Long Loads, Narrow Aisles and Palletized Goods. 10,000lb capacity with electric power. FOB in Denver.

    Load Capacity

    10,000 lb





    Power Type


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