2022 BOBCAT E42R2 Excavator For Sale & 1 Hours



BOBCAT E42R2 Excavator For Sale Price: $13800!

The Bobcat E42R2 Excavator is the ideal tool for your construction, landscaping and site preparation needs. With its powerful hydraulic system, hydrascopic stabilizers and next generation cab design, this robust machine is perfect for a variety of tasks both big and small.

Starting at just $13800 for a brand new unit in 2022, it is an excellent value for the money. The 42R2 has a market-leading reach, digging depth, arm crowd force and lift capacity, making it a great option when you need precision and power. As well as providing excellent features, the ground clearance and low profile blade provide more stability, safety and visibility while operating in open or tight spaces.

The 42R2 engine is rated at 47 horsepower and is extremely fuel efficient, keeping emissions and noise levels to a minimum. With its next generation cab design, you can enjoy comfortable operation in any environment thanks to the ergonomic placement of the controls, air suspension seat and third window.

The durable frame of the 42R2 is made up of drivetrain components such as a heavy top frame and rock-solid track links for extreme durability and increased efficiency. The Bobcat Excavator also offers helpful advantages such as a convenient Quick-Attach feature, which allows you to easily switch between multiple attachments. Additionally, the E42R2 comes with a standard open ROPS type, allowing for greater visibility and manoeuvrability.

In conclusion, when you choose the Bobcat E42R-2 Excavator, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible value for your money. With its powerful engine, outstanding reach and top-notch durability, as well as a wide array of other great features, this machine is ready to tackle any job you throw at it. Contact Bobcat of NWA for more details and to order your new Bobcat E42R-2 Excavator before the next one coming in December!

BOBCAT E42R2 Excavator For Sale: $13800!

    BOBCAT E42R2 Excavator Specifications:









    Serial Number





    NEXT ONE COMING IN DECEMBER !! P70 C11 Option package. Hyd. Angle Blade . Please Contact Gary Green at Bobcat of NWA for all the Details.

    Quick Attach


    ROPS Type


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