2022 BOBCAT E42 Excavator For Sale



BOBCAT E42 Excavator For Sale Price: $14600!

Enter the Bobcat E42 R-2 Series Excavator and your excavating jobs will be a breeze. Featuring the P82 Package, C62 Comfort Package and its new 2022 optimized performance you’ll be able to tackle whatever comes your way.

Firstly, the P82 Package is characterized by its two longest arms that the Bobcat E42 has in its line. This gives you more reach and stability when finishing up those tough tasks. In addition to that, it also has a very useful angle blade that lets you maneuver through uneven surfaces and tough terrain. Plus, it is equipped with a high-grade clamp and a diverter valve so you can easily add and remove hydraulic hoses without issue.

The C62 Comfort Package, which is an addition to the 2022 model, is the icing on the cake. This package contains a roomy, enclosed cab with automatic HVAC and a nice heated, high-back cloth suspension seat. It’s great for those long hours on the construction site. Plus, it comes with a travel motion alarm and even cool features like a 7-inch touch display and Bluetooth keyless start.

When you’re thinking of purchasing an excavator, look no further than the Bobcat E42 R-2 Series. With its new 2022 model featuring the P82 Package and the C62 Comfort Package, complete with optimized performance and auto HVAC, your job will be easier than ever. Plus, with its unbeatable price of only $14,600, you’ll be getting the best value for your purchase. In stock and ready to go, you can find your Bobcat E42 R-2 Series by serial number B4GM16342 at your local dealer. Make the choice to go with Bobcat and you won’t be disappointed.

BOBCAT E42 Excavator For Sale: $14600!

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    Bobcat E42 R-2 Series Excavator, P82 Package (Long arm, Angle Blade, Clamp with Diverter Valve, Hydraulic X-change), C62 Comfort package (Enclosed cab with auto HVAC, heated high back cloth suspension seat with headrest, travel motion alarm, bobcat 7 inch touch display, radio, bluetooth keyless start), In stock and ready to go to work.

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