2021 STILL RC42-40 Forklift For Sale



STILL RC42-40 Forklift For Sale Price: $7200!

When people think of industrial forklift equipment, the STILL RC42-40 forklift is sure to be one of the top names to come to mind. The RC42-40 model is the most advanced and produced by one of the most trusted manufacturers in professional forklift manufacturing: STILL. From impressive performance to intelligent features, the RC42-40 is designed to serve as an efficient, reliable and safe equipment for a variety of commercial and industrial uses.

At just £7200, this 2021 model is, realistically, a steal of a deal! This state-of-the-art machine has all the features and reliability of an expensive new model but with an affordable price tag. With its serial number B16012Y00293 the RC42-40 is in excellent condition. Its 65/70 hours running time allows the user to get maximum output with minimal effort, no matter if that’s maneuvering loads of up to 4 tons or virtually any kind of handling task. The RC42-40 makes it easy for the user to move large, heavy items over both short and lengthy distances.

The RC42-40 combines unbeatable maneuverability and power, offering total control over your work environment. As a part of the STILL range, this model comes with intelligent technology and a range of features to optimise user safety and productivity. The sensitive diagnostic system monitors rapidly changing operations while the user manually steers the machine. The ergonomic cab is designed to enhance the user’s comfort and performance, with comprehensive, intuitive controls, air suspension and adjustable component positioning.

The operator’s personal safety is STILL’s top priority and that’s why the RC42-40 offers numerous safety features. These include LED display lights on the outside to indicate any current problems, emergency stop and steering wheel lockout buttons, as well as pedestrian collision warning technology and speed adjustment sensors.

All in all, the STILL RC42-40 offers an excellent package for a very reasonable price. What makes it truly stand out is its combination of unparalleled performance, intelligent technology and modern design. Investing in this 2021 used forklift will be a wise decision for anyone looking for a safe and reliable solution for their industrial handling tasks.

STILL RC42-40 Forklift For Sale: $7200!

    STILL RC42-40 Forklift Specifications:







    Serial Number





    AS NEW, 4 Tonne, 65/70 Hours, £26000 ono

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