2021 HANGCHA CPD25-XD4-SI26 Forklift For Sale



HANGCHA CPD25-XD4-SI26 Forklift For Sale Price: $11300!

Introducing the HANGCHA CPD25-XD4-SI26 Forklift, the perfect choice for light-duty loads that are often handled in a warehouse or similar working environment.

This 5,000-lb capacity forklift is constructed with lightweight lithium-ion batteries and offers a maximum lift height of 15 feet. An ideal tool for stacking, loading, unloading and other warehouse jobs, this electric forklift is the perfect combination of stability, power and durability.

The CPD25-XD4-SI26 Forklift is a part of a family of HANGCHA forklifts that have been designed to meet a variety of load-handling needs. The forklift is designed with a robust and tear-resistant structure, designed to ensure the safe handling of pallets and other cargo. The forklift is also equipped with forks that are adjustable for different height and weight capacities, providing the operator with a greater degree of control and stability when handling heavy loads.

The CPD25-XD4-SI26 Forklift comes with a price tag of US $ 11300 plus tax, and includes a one-year limited warranty. With its combination of low price and reliable performance, the CPD25-XD4-SI26 Forklift gives you maximum value and performance for your money.

For easy storage, the compact design of the CPD25-XD4-SI26 Forklift ensures that it takes up minimal space around the warehouse or workshop. Aside from its low-maintenance operation, the forklift’s overall design is also extremely quiet and efficient, requiring minimal operation noise.

The CPD25-XD4-SI26 Forklift comes with a serial number of Q1BA05532 and is used in a factory with a stock number of TMR3163. Manufactured by the popular and trusted company HANGCHA, this forklift is the perfect choice for light-duty loading and unloading applications.

For the ultimate in performance and value, the HANGCHA CPD25-XD4-SI26 Forklift is a smart choice. Call us today to find out more about this reliable and efficient forklift and how it can be the right fit for your needs.

HANGCHA CPD25-XD4-SI26 Forklift For Sale: $11300!

    HANGCHA CPD25-XD4-SI26 Forklift Specifications:







    Serial Number




    Stock Number



    Montacargas Electrico con bateria de LITIO con capacidad de 5500lbs (2.5 toneladas). Precio en USD mas IVA LAB Monterrey

    Load Capacity

    5,000 lb

    Maximum Lift Height

    15 ft 9 in

    Side Shift


    Mast Type


    Mast Tilt


    Tire Type




    Operator Controls


    Power Type


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