2021 EVERUN EREF750 Forklift For Sale & 0 Hours



EVERUN EREF750 Forklift For Sale Price: $10100!

Introducing the 2021 Everun EREF750 Electric Forklift! This high-performance, lightweight forklift will get the job done faster and more efficiently. With safety in mind, this Everun Electric Forklift has a rated safe loading capacity of 750kg or 1650# at a load center of 12″ out on the forks and has achieved a max lift capacity of 2400# at a load center of 18″ out.

The EREF750 is designed with a reliable 3.3 horsepower AC motor. With a battery capacity of 24vdc or 36vdc, the EREF750 operates on a minimal maintenance regimen, using just 4 industrial deep cycle batteries for operation. This delivers long lifespan over the years with minimal upkeep.

Safety is a priority. The EREF750 has been proven to be reliable in every workplace. It is built to exceed customer safety expectation. For example, the EREF750 has an effective braking system and in-built forward / reverse visibility lights. The battery charger is equipped with international certificates, so no overheating worries. Coupled with the triple mast elevation and a top-of-the-range tilt carriage, this Everun model will provide an efficient and safe operator experience.

The Everun EREF750 is the perfect forklift for any job. Its user friendly design and reliable performance are unmatched. Plus, its compact size allows for less crowded job sites and efficient shipping – both of which make your job easier and more cost effective.

This is a 2021 model, and the prices won’t last. Take advantage of the blow-out prices while they last and let the Everun EREF750 do the heavy lifting for you! Visit our website to learn more and purchase your Everun EREF750 today!

EVERUN EREF750 Forklift For Sale: $10100!

    EVERUN EREF750 Forklift Specifications:












    2021 Everun EREF750 Electric Forklift
    2021 model blow out pricing while they last!

    750kg or 1650# rated safe loading with load center at 12" out on forks. Tested to 2400# Max lift capacity with load center at 18" out on forks. 98.5" max lift height, 32" wide x 68" long without forks, forks are 36", tilt mast, side shift, flat free solid tires, 140Ah/48VAC Electric Steering. Forklift weight 2425#, 75" tall, 13km/hr or 8 MPH max speed, two speed travel

    One-year parts and labor warranty.

    FREE SHIPPING – Sold and Serviced by Chipper LLC Trailers and Equipment

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