2021 EVERUN EREF16F Forklift For Sale & 0 Hours



EVERUN EREF16F Forklift For Sale Price: $10300!

The Everun EREF16F Forklift is a reliable forklift guaranteed to get the job done. Manufactured by Everun in 2021, this electric forklift is among the most reliable and efficient electric forklifts available. With a price tag of only 10300, it is an unbeatable value for your money.

This forklift features a 1600kg rated safe loading capacity with a load center of 20″ out on the forks. It has a lift capacity of up to 4800# and is tested to exceed test apparatus. Its heavy-duty chassis and powerful motor enable it to lift and move large loads with ease.

This forklift is designed for an ergonomic and convenient experience, with superior operator comfort and safety at the forefront of the design. Its mast float and two-stage hydraulic system provide smooth programmable operation. Its ergonomic handle and onboard tilt function allow for more precise handling.

The Everun EREF16F Forklift is equipped with the latest battery technology, providing excellent performance and economy. Its integrated battery design is designed to maximize battery lifespan and save energy costs. This forklift is also equipped with an advanced wireless diagnostic system that provides real-time feedback on power usage and battery levels.

For better longevity and reliability, the Everun EREF16F Forklift features a galvanized steel frame with advanced corrosion protection. Its foldable and adjustable forks can be customized to fit any product or material. The operator compartment is spacious and comfortable with superior visibility.

The Everun EREF16F Forklift also comes with a full warranty. Our certified technicians will provide service and maintenance to ensure the product meets your requirements and to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

All in all, the Everun EREF16F Forklift is an unbeatable value for those looking for reliable and efficient electric forklifts. With its powerful motor, ergonomic design, energy savings, and low maintenance costs, it’s guaranteed to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

EVERUN EREF16F Forklift For Sale: $10300!

    EVERUN EREF16F Forklift Specifications:












    2021 Everun EREF16F Electric Forklift
    2021 model blow out pricing while they last!

    1600kg or 3527# rated safe loading with load center at 20" out on forks. Testing exceeded test apparatus at 4800# Max lift capacity with load center at 21" out on forks so can well exceed the rated capacity. 120" max lift height, 37" wide 77" long without forks, forks are 42", tilt mast, side shift, flat free solid tires, 230Ah/48V AC Electric Steering. Forklift weight 2425#, 82" tall, 14km/hr or 8.7 MPH max speed, two speed travel

    One-year parts and labor warranty.

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