2021 DOOSAN G45S-7 Forklift For Sale & 134 Hours



DOOSAN G45S-7 Forklift For Sale Price: $8300!


Introducing the DOOSAN G45S-7 Forklift

Are you looking for a powerful and versatile forklift? The DOOSAN G45S-7 forklift is the ideal choice for you. Outfitted with the latest in customer comfort, the G45S-7 boasts a rugged, heavy-duty construction and is built to last. Plus, it offers superior maneuverability, up to 7,000lbs lifting capacity, and a smooth and easy operation.

The DOOSAN G45S-7 is powered by a 3-cylinder 44 horsepower (HP) diesel engine, making it more efficient and powerful than many of its competitors. This forklift is engineered for durability and maneuverability in tight spaces and is perfect for industrial applications. It features a 4-speed transmission with two forward and one reverse speed for maximum control and stability. Plus, the auto-transmission ensures effortless shifting and smooth torque performance.

With its ergonomic operator’s cab, manual lever fork-lift mounted control arms and adjustable tilt and extend forks, the DOOSAN G45S- 7 eliminates the pressure of uncomfortable operation. This forklift also offers adjustable pallet support arms and three-way adjustable seating for even more comfortable operation.

The DOOSAN G45S-7 is equipped with a variety of premium features, such as an integrated LCD monitor, a dashboard area lighting system, a 4-way leveling system, an auto-shutoff system, and a self-diagnostics system. All these features help keep your costs low by reducing the need for costly maintenance and repairs.

This high-performance machine meets all industry safety standards, with features such as front and rear heavy-duty bumpers, high visibility stick shift, an adjustable side-view mirror, and a safety torque converter to prevent uncontrolled operations. There is also a high-powered hydraulic pressure brake to ensure the most responsive operation.

For your convenience, the DOOSAN G45S-7 comes with a one-year warranty and a great price tag of $8300. With its immense power, versatility, and reliability, this forklift is a cost-effective solution for your industrial application.

At DOOSAN, we are committed to providing you with the ultimate in operator comfort, affordability, and dependability. This is why we make sure that our forklifts are always of the highest quality, so you can trust them to provide reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Now is the time to invest in the DOOSAN G45S-7 forklift. With our unmatched customer service, pricing and quality, we guarantee you won’t regret it. Get your DOOSAN G45S-7 forklift today, and see how it can make work easier for you!

DOOSAN G45S-7 Forklift For Sale: $8300!

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