2020 KUBOTA KX040-4 Excavator For Sale & 516 Hours



KUBOTA KX040-4 Excavator For Sale Price: $13900!

Welcome to the world of top quality machines that do everything you need and more with the Kubota KX040-4 Excavator. With a solid manufacturer’s reputation, outstanding performance and durable construction, the KX040-4 delivers on all fronts. Whether you’re excavating, loading or grading, the Kubota KX040-4 excavator is prepared for any challenge.

Featuring a spacious operator’s station with ample legroom and automatic upholstery cleaning, the KX040-4 provides the utmost in operator comfort and convenience. The generous cab shields the operator from sun, rain and anything else that Mother Nature throws your way. Equipped with a powerful 41-hp engine, and a large fuel tank, the KX040-4 can easily handle hours of work day after day and boasts a fuel capacity of 16.9 gallons for increased power and endurance.

When it comes to digging performance, you can count on the KX040-4. With 11.2 feet dig depth, 34.8 kN of bucket digging force, and an impressive 3,732-pound arm force, the KX040-4 provides superior power and performance, no matter the job. The KX040-4 also offers an enclosed cooling system, automatic swing speed reduction, and a rear view camera that increases your productivity, accuracy and safety.

As with all Kubota products, the KX040-4 Excavator is backed by the Kubota Field Ready warranty. The coverage includes two years of Basic Warranty and one year of Power Train Warrany in the U.S. and Canada, for maximum peace of mind for your machine, and the professionals who operate it.

When you need a powerful machine capable of tackling a variety of jobs, the Kubota KX040-4 Excavator is your perfect partner. With the durability, quality and power to exceed your expectations, the KX040-4 is a great addition to any fleet. Order your Kubota KX040-4 Excavator today and take on jobs without compromise.

KUBOTA KX040-4 Excavator For Sale: $13900!

    KUBOTA KX040-4 Excavator Specifications:









    Serial Number




    Stock Number



    This 2020 Kubota KX040-4R1T has the 6 way blade and is in superb condition. With low hours and power to spare, you can change how your business operates because you have the equipment to do more. If you are looking for a very nice machine to add to your fleet, this has a lot of hours left in it for a bargain price. Call for details. We take trades.

    Fuel Capacity

    16.9 gal

    Operating Weight

    9,833 lb

    Dig Depth

    11 ft 2 in

    ROPS Type



    41 HP

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