2020 KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator For Sale & 1,240 Hours



KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator For Sale Price: $17800!

KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator is one of the most popular products for anyone looking for an excavator that offers strength, power and performance. This brand-new unit from KUBOTA features a 17800 price tag which makes it very attractive to those that are on a budget.

The robust KX019-4 rocks a 2020 released date and, even with that said, it’s a powerful excavator – capable of doing the work with minimal input. It has 1,240 hours of work on it, allowing it to easily handle any task you throw in its way.

The KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator is the ideal choice for a construction site or taking on heavy-duty tasks. This machine employs a robust hydraulic system that enables the excavator to dig, turn and pierce into various material with precision and speed. It also has adjustable undercarriage that makes maneuvering the excavator around challenging terrain a breeze.

The KUBOTA KX019-4 also includes an enclosed ROPS type which means it is safe and secure during operation. This is a great refund feature for anyone that may have their concerns for safety in a work environment.

Not to mention, the KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator comes with a CE-Maschine certificate and is offered “freibleibend”. This means buyers have the freedom to change their offer without penalty – an assurance that customers won’t be left embarrassed if something changes about their plans.

The KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator is a reliable, powerful and versatile machine that is perfect for both experienced users and complete novices. The affordable price and CE-Maschine certificate shows that this machine is nothing short of exceptional in the excavator industry. Invest in the KUBOTA KX019-4 and you won’t regret it.

KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator For Sale: $17800!

    KUBOTA KX019-4 Excavator Specifications:












    CE- Maschine, Hammer-, Dreh- und Greiferhydraulik, verstellbarer Unterwagen. Alle Angebote freibleibend zzgl. gesetzlicher MwSt., ab Standort, es gelten unsere AGB´s / Irrtümer vorbehalten!

    ROPS Type


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