2019 JCB 15C-1 Excavator For Sale & 931 Hours



JCB 15C-1 Excavator For Sale Price: $10400!

JCB 15C-1 Excavator is a great choice for your material handling needs. This unit is well maintained, with only 931 hours on it. It’s been tested for quality assurance and it’s ready to work hard for you.

This JCB 15C-1 features a powerful 24.6 kW Perkins diesel engine that gives you fantastic performance, allowing you to be productive. The track system ensures you will have no problems going from one job to another, and it also allows you to maneuver around tight spaces.

Additionally, the 15C-1 is equipped with a slew-ring mounting that makes it even easier to use. As an operator, you will also appreciate the smooth, comfortable ride that provides an enjoyable working experience. With the smooth-action joystick control system, you will be able to easily engage and disengage attachments.

The JCB 15C-1 also has excellent visibility so that you can monitor the job site. You will be able to see everything clearly, making it easier to avoid obstacles or other hazards on the job. The excavator also has a large capacity bucket and arm, allowing you to move large pieces of debris and other materials.

The JCB 15C-1 is also easy to maintain. The engine has been designed to last for many years without fail, and it is easy to access for regular maintenance such as oil changes. The tracks and cylinders are also easy to access and service, making maintenance simpler and faster.

The JCB 15C-1 is a great choice for your material handling needs. It is reliable, powerful, and easy to maintain. With the great price, excellent performance, and superior quality, the JCB 15C-1 is the perfect machine for you to get the job done. Don’t wait, choose the JCB 15C-1 today, and see just how much it can do for you!

JCB 15C-1 Excavator For Sale: $10400!

    JCB 15C-1 Excavator Specifications:












    JCB 15C-1. Rubber Tracks. Piped. 1 Bucket. 
    931 Hours.
    Year 2019

    ROPS Type


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