2019 HITACHI ZX26U-6 Excavator For Sale



HITACHI ZX26U-6 Excavator For Sale Price: $10400!

HITACHI ZX26U-6 Excavator is the perfect equipment to get your tough jobs done. Its powerful 2.5 tonne capacity and quick hitch operation make it the ideal machine for big tasks. Plus, the included 3 buckets (digging, grading, and trenching) will make any project more efficient. The heated cabin and blade add that much needed boost when the temperatures start to dip.

Moreover, HITACHI ZX26U-6 Excavator is offered at an affordable price. At only £90 a day or £395 a week you can help make any project worth your time and money. Plus, with delivery available all you have to do is simply order and wait for delivery.

Whether you’re working on a construction site, dig site, or residential area, the HITACHI ZX26U-6 Excavator is the perfect tool for all kinds of projects. The enclosed ROPS is a great bonus for added safety. And with quick hitch and 3 different buckets, this is a top of the line machine that is sure to get the job done in no time.

So, don’t wait any longer. Make your project an outright success and get yourself the top-tier HITACHI ZX26U-6 Excavator. With a great price and quality performance, you will be able to work more efficiently and enjoy more success. Get the machine that can get the job done the right way – the HITACHI ZX26U-6 Excavator.

HITACHI ZX26U-6 Excavator For Sale: $10400!

    HITACHI ZX26U-6 Excavator Specifications:










    FOR HIRE £90PD/£395PW
    2.5 tonne capacity,
    Quick hitch,
    Comes with 3 buckets, (digging, grading and trenching),
    Heated cabin,
    Delivery can be arranged.

    ROPS Type


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