2019 CLARK C40L Forklift For Sale & 2,066 Hours



CLARK C40L Forklift For Sale Price: $12000!

D 3 Stage 4500LB

When it comes to purchasing a forklift, a business must consider many things, and the Clark C40L Forklift is among the top contenders. This product is made of dependable and reliable materials focused on providing businesses with a product that will last. The Clark C40L Forklift is designed to increase productivity and safety, making it the perfect solution for any professional operation.

The C40L Forklift is built with a powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine and is made for a working capacity of up to 4,500 lbs with a total lift height of 173”. It offers a multi-functional display panel with a built-in diagnostics system, which allows for easy monitoring and troubleshooting of the forklift. The built-in safety features, such as the Safety System, ensures the operation is prevented from any operator mistakes.

For businesses who will be working in harsh conditions, the C40L Forklift is built to provide consistent performance, with features such as side-shift, tilt, reach and lift, allowing companies to handle difficult loads. This forklift is also equipped with an Automatic Leveling system, which helps prevent any product overloading. Its easy-to-use controls and pressure valves enable operators to adjust the system settings with great precision, improving the overall productivity.

When it comes to cost, the C40L Forklift provides a premium quality while still remaining budget friendly. Price at 12,000$, the year is 2019, manufacturer is CLARK and the model of the forklift is C40L, with 2,066 hours of use and a Serial Number of P455L02799986, the L40L Forklift is an excellent choice for any business, as it remains in excellent condition and is offered as a used stock number of LO19 – 91. The product also benefits from an Equipment-certification code of DLCD 3 Stage 4500LB.

In conclusion, the Clark C40L Forklift is an excellent product for businesses who need a quality, reliable forklift that can handle even the toughest loads. With exceptional performance and an array of safety features, businesses that invest in the C40L Forklift can be sure they will get the most out of their investment. This challenging product can provide companies with the peace of mind that their forklift will perform as expected and be available as a reliable time-saver.

CLARK C40L Forklift For Sale: $12000!

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    Equipment-certification-code: DLC

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