2019 CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator For Sale & 743 Hours



CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator For Sale Price: $19100!

When it comes to purchasing an excavator, you want the most reliable and powerful option on the market. The Caterpillar 301.7D Excavator is one of the best on the market and is the perfect choice for both domestic and commercial projects.

The Caterpillar 301.7D Excavator is designed to provide users with the ultimate in performance and reliability. Its Tier 4 diesel engine delivers up to 36hp of power, allowing it to tackle even the most challenging jobs. It also comes with detachable counterweights that increase the machine’s stability, allowing it to remain firmly on the ground when carrying out heavy-duty tasks. Whether you’re excavating, trenching, or loading materials, the Caterpillar 301.7D has the power to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The Cat 301.7D features a dig reach of 5.8m and dig depth of 3.2m, meaning it can take on a wide range of tasks. The additional attachments that come with the machine make it even more versatile, including forks, buckets, rippers and more. With the addition of 3 buckets as standard, the 301.7D is one of the most capable excavators on the market.

The Cat 301.7D also features a low-maintenance cooling system which is designed to ensure the engine always runs at its peak performance. This ensures that the excavator will be able to take on any job without skipping a beat. It also has a fuel tank with a capacity of 60.1 litres and a maximum operating weight of 5.03 tonnes to ensure that it can work for extended periods of time.

The Caterpillar 301.7D Excavator is available at an incredibly competitive price of $19,100.00 and comes with a full year warranty to ensure its durability and longevity. So, if you need a powerful and reliable excavator, the Caterpillar 301.7D will undoubtedly meet your needs and provide you with years of reliable service.

CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator For Sale: $19100!

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    In our Winsford BranchComplete with 3 buckets
    Equipment-certification-code: NCR

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