2019 ATTACK AK35 Forklift For Sale



ATTACK AK35 Forklift For Sale Price: $11900!

The ATTACK AK35 Forklift is the perfect solution for all your material handling needs. This diesel powered forklift offers an impressive 3000kg lift capacity, along with a double mast that can reach 3.0m in height. Thanks to the FEV model YN27 42kW 4-cylinder diesel engine, this forklift is ideal for any job.

The ATTACK AK35 Forklift is not only powerful, but also reliable. It was manufactured in 2019, and has been used daily in our factory ever since. This steadfast machine will make sure that no task is left undone. All its components are built with high quality materials and designed for long-term performance. Best of all, its user-friendly controls make it easy to use.

The ATTACK AK35 Forklift is also equipped with several safety features. Its advanced system assists in controlling lifting loads, preventing any potential accidents. Meanwhile, its LED warning system inform operators when unduly high levels of power are used, making sure forklift operations are maintained at a safe level.

The ATTACK AK35 Forklift is available for purchase at a very competitive price of 11900. This bargain offer is the perfect opportunity for companies and factories to upgrade their material handling solutions. With its impressive power, reliability, safety and user-friendliness, the ATTACK AK35 Forklift is an ideal investment for businesses that want to maximize efficiency and profits.

ATTACK AK35 Forklift For Sale: $11900!

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    Used Attack model AK35 3 Ton Forklift (2019). Diesel powered forklift with 3000kg lift capacity, double mast. 3.0m lift height, powered via FEV model YN27 42kW 4-cylinder diesel engine. Year of manufacture 2019. Used daily in our yard only.

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