2018 YALE GLC040SVX Forklift For Sale & 8,500 Hours



YALE GLC040SVX Forklift For Sale Price: $5200!

, Hours: 8,500

The YALE GLC040SVX Forklift is the ideal choice for any workplace that needs to move heavy goods from one location to another with ease and comfort. With a price of 5200 and a year of 2018, this is a highly reliable and rugged machine. The manufacturer has designed it to last through several years of service with minimal maintenance work.

The YALE GLC040SVX Forklift is capable of a 4000 LB CAPACITY and has a 2.0L PSI engine, an 82/187 TRIPLE transmission and 35.7 ISSFP 4 WAY. It also has a MINI HYD column and an 83″ OHG which provide the necessary support to the entire system. A lever shift makes operation and control simple and straightforward. The serial number is D809V02974S, and it is listed as used with a stock number of 40064U.

This forklift offers an exceptional performance in terms of stability and lifting power. Thanks to its powerful engine, it can move heavy loads without any problem. Moreover, its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, even for long-time operators. The excellent level of control at different speeds and heights makes this a great choice for any warehouse or construction site.

In addition, for the 8,500 hours that it has been used, it has been well-maintained and taken excellent care of, as it is still in great condition. For those who need reliable strength at a very affordable price, the YALE GLC040SVX Forklift is an excellent option. Its great features, durable design, and low maintenance needs make it a wonderful choice for any workplace.

YALE GLC040SVX Forklift For Sale: $5200!

    YALE GLC040SVX Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number




    Stock Number



    4000 LB CAPACITY, LP, PSI 2.0L, 82/187 TRIPLE, 35.7 ISSFP, 4 WAY, MINI HYD, 83" OHG, LEVER SHIFT, UNIT 40064U

    Load Capacity

    4,000 lb

    Mast Type


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