2018 TOYOTA 7FBCU18 Forklift For Sale & 3,673 Hours



TOYOTA 7FBCU18 Forklift For Sale Price: $13100!

500 Load capacity – 48″ Forks – Automatically Charged and Equalized Battery – Automatic Shutoff.

Introducing the Toyota 7FBCU18 Forklift, the perfect choice for your material handling needs.This quality-built forklift was manufactured in 2018, and has been gently used, with only 3,673 hours. You can count on the 7FBCU18 to do a quality job, with its 36 Volt battery, three-stage mast, three-way hydraulics with side shift, cushion tires and 48 inch forks. This machine has a 3,500 load capacity and is both automatically charged and equalized, and has an automatic shut-off feature.

If you are looking for a reliable forklift that won’t break your budget, look no further than the Toyota 7FBCU18. The 7FBCU18 comes with a competitive price of just $13,100. That great price belies its quality in power, performance and durability. It has been engineered to handle long hours and heavy loads while providing reliable and consistent performance over time. The 7FBCU18 is perfect for those looking for a dependable, efficient and cost-effective material handling solution.

Not only is the 7FBCU18 a dependable and powerful machine, it is also extremely user-friendly. It is intuitive to use, and operators can quickly become accustomed to its controls and operation. The 7FBCU18 is equipped with advanced safety features that ensure a safe environment when operating the forklift. In addition, the forklift is regularly serviced and maintained to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, powerful and reliable material handling solution, the Toyota 7FBCU18 Forklift is the forklift for you. With its competitive price, high quality components, powerful performance, and user-friendly operation, the 7FBCU18 is a fantastic choice for those looking for reliable and consistent performance. So, don’t wait and take the plunge and purchase the 7FBCU18 Forklift today!

TOYOTA 7FBCU18 Forklift For Sale: $13100!

    TOYOTA 7FBCU18 Forklift Specifications:












    2018 Toyota 3,500# Electric Forklift

    'Four wheel Electric Sitdown'

    Model: 87FBCU18

    – 36V Battery

    – Fuel type: Electric

    – 83/189" Three Stage Mast

    – 3 Way Hydraulics with Sideshift

    – Cushion tires

    – 3,673 Drive Hours

    – Suspension Seat

    – Cleaned, Serviced & Inspected. Ready to work!

    Please call Shawn with any questions.

    -All sales subject to PA 6% sales tax, unless shipped out of state by third party carrier.

    Blue Diamond Machinery Sales, Inc.

    Fob: Waynesboro, PA



    Power Type


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