2018 MITSUBISHI FGC25N Forklift For Sale & 3,411 Hours



MITSUBISHI FGC25N Forklift For Sale Price: $9400!

For your material handling and warehousing needs, look no further than the MITSUBISHI FGC25N Forklift. This powerful, efficient machine comes with unmatched quality and reliability that makes it the perfect choice for any industrial setting.

The FGC25N boasts a 3,411-hour lifespan and is powered by a liquid propane gas engine, making it both reliable and cost-effective. This forklift’s expertly engineered triplex mast design and side-shift feature allows you to easily move heavy and bulky materials with ease. It also offers optimal productivity as its quick acceleration provides you with the speed and efficiency you need on tight and narrow job sites.

In addition to its impressive performance, the FGC25N is also designed for safety. Its robust steel body and structural components make it resistant to interference and impact for greater peace of mind. The forklift’s electronic limiting system can prevent it from running faster than the maximum speed limit, adding an extra layer of safety for your workplace.

The FGC25N also comes with an impressive warranty; a 90-day warranty on any parts and labor related issues from MITSUBISHI themselves. They are also committed to providing you with exceptional customer service and professionalism, taking the stress out of any problems that may arise.

So if you’re looking for a reliable, efficient forklift that offers performance, durability and safety, look no further than the MITSUBISHI FGC25N. With its advanced design, low running costs and great warranty, it’s a great choice for your job site. Currently available for only $9400, it won’t be long before it finds a loving, professional home. So don’t wait, pickup a FGC25N now and start enjoying the benefits of having a reliable and accurate forklift on your job site.

MITSUBISHI FGC25N Forklift For Sale: $9400!

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