2018 KOMATSU FG45TU-10 Forklift For Sale & 582 Hours



KOMATSU FG45TU-10 Forklift For Sale Price: $16000!

” Standard Attachment: Fork Positioner

Introducing the Komatsu FG45TU-10 Forklift, the perfect automotive tool to improve the efficiency of your business. This key piece of equipment features an excellent 10,000lb capacity, making it a great choice for transporting weighty items and goods. In addition, its LPG system offers you control over the fuel economy and a more eco-friendly environment.

The Komatsu FG45TU-10 Forklift comes with a 2-stage full free view mast and a 177″ 120.5″ sideshift system for heightened control and accuracy. In addition, this forklift has a 6″ standard attachment including a Fork Positioner, and a Cascade Side Shifting Fork Positioner. This ensures the maximum safety, control and precision when loading and transporting.

The Komatsu FG45TU-10 Forklift is also in excellent condition, with only a 582 hour use. It was manufactured in 2018 and is being sold with a serial number 139155, stock number 25693.

For an unparalleled maintenance system and the optimal performance, the Komatsu FG45TU-10 Forklift is exactly what you need for the success of any project. When you purchase this forklift, you will also receive groundbreaking customer service, giving you the greatest value for your money.

You have the chance to own the Komatsu FG45TU-10 Forklift for the incredible price of $16,000. For a strong, sturdy and dependable forklift, look no further; the Komatsu FG45TU-10 Forklift is the perfect choice for you and your business.

KOMATSU FG45TU-10 Forklift For Sale: $16000!

    KOMATSU FG45TU-10 Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number




    Stock Number



    FG45TU-10 (CX50/FH Series) 10000lb Capacity
    Fuel System: LPG System
    Mast: 2-Stage Full Free View 177" 120.5"
    Sideshift: Cascade Side Shifting Fork Positioner
    Carriage: 68" Wide
    Load Backrest: 48.0" High
    Internal Hosing: 4 Way for 2-Stage Full Free View Mast
    Hyd Control Valve: 4 Way Control Valve w/port relief
    Fuel Tank Bracket: Fold Back
    Fuel Tank: LPG Tank – 43lb Aluminum
    Drive Tires: Dual 8.25 x 15-12 PR – Pneumatic
    Steer Tires: 7.00 x 12-12 PR – Pneumatic
    Mast Tilt: 6 Deg Forward/12 Deg Back
    Seat: Komfort S Full Suspension – Orange Seatbelt
    Strobe or Flashing Light: Amber Strobe
    Warning Device: Backup Alarm
    Head Lights: Head Lights – OHG Mounted
    Nissan GK45 Engine S/N – 000648
    Mast:L100-PS-177D800 S/N – 00D-MS-425-00003
    TireType: Pneumatic

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