2018 HYSTER S120FT Forklift For Sale



HYSTER S120FT Forklift For Sale Price: $15600!

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful forklift, then the HYSTER S120FT Forklift is just the one you need. Produced by Hyster in 2018, this lift truck has a load capacity of 12,000 lb and a triplex mast type. It is powered by a Kubota motor and complete with a lateral lab displacer.

The Hyster S120FT Forklift is strong and efficient, making it perfect for various material transport applications. The lifttruck boasts a clear view mast and high visibility fork positioning for safer and more efficient stack handling. It is also designed with high quality tilt cylinders that allow for smooth and precise positioning. What’s more, the lift truck is using a ground-level dashboard, making it easier to identify the operating conditions of the vehicle.

The S120FT is extremely durable and well-built, perfect for long-term use in high-volume warehouses. With the ergonomic design, the operators will enjoy excellent comfort whilst operating the vehicle. The HYSTER S120FT is also fitted with a refreshed chassis design, providing optimal protection to the vehicle and protects it against damage caused by harsh working conditions.

The HYSTER S120FT Forklift is also equipped with multiple safety features, ensuring the operators are safe whilst operating the lifttruck. The vehicle is fitted with an overload protection system, audible alarms and dead man control for ease of safety operations. Furthermore, the operators can access the IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System) via the central control panel, allowing them to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot any errors or malfunctions.

The Hyster S120FT Forklift also comes at a very reasonable price of 15600, making it an affordable option for any consumer. We can guarantee satisfaction with the purchase, as our Hyster lifttrucks are backed by a one year warranty. If you have any further questions regarding this forklift, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

HYSTER S120FT Forklift For Sale: $15600!

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    Montacargas Hyster modelo S120TFT motor Kubota con mástil Triple Gas LP con Desplazador Lateral LAB Monterrey Precio en USD mas IVA

    Load Capacity

    12,000 lb

    Mast Type




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